Sunday, January 31, 2010

sweater hat

A friend of mine is having a clothing swap party next week. I won't be attending because I have recently given any worthwhile clothes that I don't need/wear to the Salvation Army, so I don't have anything to swap. But while talking to her today about her party, and thinking about how cold it's going to be this week, I remembered my favorite pink wool sweater. I got it at Old Navy for about $5 on sale. I shrunk it, but was still able to wear it for a while without looking silly. But it's just too small now. I had cut the sleeves off thinking I could wear it as a hooded vest while in my cold studio; and, I sewed the cuffs of the sleeves to use as long wool fingerless gloves. Today I thought, 'why am I not making a hat out of that sweater?'
Of course, I didn't think to get pictures until I had already started on the hat, but here are the sleeves, 'vest', and the hood cut and pinned and ready to sew.
So, in just a couple minutes, I turned the hood into a hat. So warm. Now I want to decorate it all cute.

I'm also planning on making mittens from the rest of the sweater, but that may take a little more for my mind to wrap around. (Plus, it's Sunday and I generally get doubly lazy!)
...Plus, I still have a little studying to do...

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