Friday, August 12, 2011

not that exciting

Well, it's August...and it's been quite some time since i've visited blogland.
Um, that's not entirely true, actually. I've been busy, yes. But when i have time to blog, I've been posting to my fitness blog. And even that's been neglected for about a month!
I'm working and working out and being social and the summer has been busily moving along for us.
I got out to a farmers market a few weeks ago. The market was disappointing, but the company (my aunt) and our lovely lunch out and day about town made up for it.
Hubby and I have been to a couple concerts, the last being Elvis Costello. We go to the small venue here on Cape (The Cape Cod Melody Tent) which doesn't really have a bad only goes like 25 rows back! The fun started at a pre-show bbq our friend hosted and ended with a post-show bbq...he only lives a couple blocks from the tent. Fun pics, but i DID wear the dress I was originally going to wear to the Pink Martini concert! Everyone loved it at first look, and then loved it even more when they found out that i had made it!
We went to Boston for an overnight trip to see a Red Sox game. We met up with a couple friends who had never been to Fenway. The game was kind of lame (we lost and went through a few pitchers) but the company was great. A couple of us drank too much (Hubby almost never drinks too much, so he was the most normal for the evening and next morning). But we hit the boston farmers market, which was amazingly better than the Hyannis one...big surpise.
Hubby and i hit Lowes on the way home from that trip and found some new outdoor lights...3 of the 5 we bought had to be returned. we're still mid project with the electrical issues we need to fix, but after returning the wrong lights for new ones, we're a little closer!
This spider scared me yesterday. It's the size of a bumble bee and it kept reaching out to get me when i got close to shoot some pics. I don't like the fuzzy black ones!
So, in short, I've been busy, but also spending a lot of time trying to lose the rest of my weight. I finally finished a running program (C25K: Couch to 5K). It's a 9 week program of 3 days a week. I made it through day one of week 9 (i actually went from not being able to run to the end of my street to running 3 miles!) before I got side tracked by the rest of my life. Today, after not running for 2 weeks, I was still able to run 3 miles!! And now i'm considering signing up for my first (possibly my last) 5K with a friend. We'll see...
The in-laws will be here in about 6 weeks...the day before the run. I'm hoping a clear goal (training for an event) will help me squeeze my fitness plans INTO my life rather than squeezing everything else OUT.
...that's it for now...gotta feed the Mox-ter.