Saturday, January 31, 2009

i feel ...pretty good so far

It's just 10:30am on Saturday and i feel like I have accomplished quite a bit. This, of course, is only in comparison to what I USUALLY get done in and entire Saturday. I have finished my 1 hour workout! (yippee! me time, out of the way) While in the basement (where my home gym is) I scooted over next door (since the adjoining room is my studio...which is a mess as I visit it so rarely when it's 15 degrees!) and I ironed my latest batch of handmade paper. I didn't finish THAT project yet, because once I could actually see my breath, I decided it was time to get back into one of our HEATED rooms. So, back upstairs, with sale-able stuff in hand, camera at the ready, I got some shots of a couple things to put up on the etsy site.
I DO still have to visit the coffee shop (for business, not pleasure, unfortunately) to do a little training with the 'Saturday girl', but that shouldn't take too long.
Next on the agenda is some stencil cutting and then some shirt printing. I wish I had a mannequin or model for my shirts...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

looking forward

It's Thursday. And, boy, am I jazzed for Friday. But only because it will lead to Saturday and Sunday.
I have plans this weekend. Not like the plans of the past couple weekends, where I was forced to be social. Don't get me wrong...what fun times we had, and more we could've had if we stuck to our original plans and didn't back out of one evening of friends. But none of that really matters. What DOES matter, is that I am hoping to make the most of my weekend and actually DO something. Sure, I will have errands to run (bring the recyclables and trash to the transfer station, returnables back to the grocery store, annoying paperwork for work, etc), but I also plan on getting some WORK done. I have a couple stencils I want to test for shirts and bags. Then there is the task of 'moving' my stuff from the prittyaht shop into my own new MyDearest shop. I have a stack of handmade papers that are being pressed but will need to be ironed ASAP. And of course, since they seem to be a hit so far, I will be turning that new paper into journals and such. I would also love to get my handmade paper turned into some greeting cards, too.
So much I want to get done, and this weekend I am determined to not let my desire to just sit back and enjoy my days off get the best of me. I am doing the work! Too bad if it is the only time I get to spend any length of quality time with hubby...if I am going to make this work, I need to get the bulk of the sacrificing my social life out of the way!
I was just beginning to enjoy hanging out with my friends again, too. Oh, well, I do have another plan up my sleeve, so I am hoping that in a month or so, I will get a little extra time so that I don't have to sacrifice ALL of my 'down time'.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

still getting by

I MUST talk to my boss. I WANT to spend more time designing shirts, making paper, and just getting my hands 'dirty' with things that aren't edible! I waste so much time at my job.
Today, for instance, I was forced to spend my day waiting for customers to come in. I'm TRAPPED there, and there are HOURS each day that just tic by with my mind wandering. I think about designs, so time is not wasted there; however, it is nearly impossible to actually COMPLETE a thought. I am preparing myself to tell my boss that I need an extra day off during the week. This is a HUGE step, in that, my husbands hours have been cut and his freelance work is scattered at best these days. So my income is really what gives us the ability to pay the bills. I LOVE spending time making paper and printing's very therapeutic and fun. I just need to find the courage to let go of some of the security my job gives me (gulp!) and it isn't like I'm QUITTING my job, I'm just cutting back. We'll see how it goes, though, as my position now, will make it hard to re-work the schedule. I am nervous that my boss will simply find someone to replace me, instead of someone to just fill in for me...we shall see, if I ever get the chance (or courage) to actually make a move.
My hope is that my love of 'crafting art' will outweigh my fear of losing my job.
I have had a couple sales on my NEW etsy site ( and that is encouraging. I'm stepping out...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a new beginning

Well, the final decision has been made. I am on my own with my etsy endeavour. What was originally a joint effort with a friend (I had no idea what etsy was before she turned me on to it), became a project neither of us could seem to come together on. But I am really excited about my next step.

I am having fun making my paper and paper 'things' and now I am adding some screen printed items. I am determined to make this work. My networking has a long way to go, but between my 45 hour a week day job, playing with my babies (a pug and rescued kitty) and hubby, and occasionally going out and being social, I am doing my best to make my products and get people to know I'm here.

I guess I had better get a flickr account, keep blogging and hope people will enjoy knowing about my processes, and get more fun stuff up on etsy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

another weekend gone

I have good intentions...really, I do. I have lists of stuff to get done during my weekends. I get up early, even though saturday and sunday are my only days to sleep past 4:30 am. I get right to work in the morning, checking emails, and listing items if I have the pictures ready. The problem, of course, is that the rest of the day (and week) I have trouble getting the 'leg work' done. I have exhausted my supply of ready to go shots of products to list. And I am depressed at the thought of not actually getting to PRODUCE anything these past few weeks.

The light at the end of the tunnel? Well, by spring, it is my high hope that I have worked out a more managable schedule with my boss so that I can actually have some daylight hours while i am still awake, to get going with what I really love doing...CREATING!
Here's a cute little shirt design i've been playing with.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Movin' right along...I guess

It is very difficult to try to be a part-time artist with a full-time job. I cannot remember the last time I had enough time in my day to even THINK about preparing a proper meal (thank goodness for my hubby!). Cleaning gets done sporadically, at best; or, at the very least, when we know company is coming (like Monday when the heating/cooling friend of mine comes to put in our new higher efficiency furnace). My studio is becoming a dumping ground for stuff...screen printing mess, stamping mess, paper cutting mess, and paper making mess. Plus, now it is home for our bikes which had to be moved til the new furnace project is complete. Due to the intense 'chill' in the basement (home of the 'studio' and gym) my workouts still take place down there, but the screen printing adventures have been moved upstairs to the mud room (also more convenient to the sink). And that can only mean one thing...a huge mess in the mud room, too! I took advantage of a slightly shortened day at work today (winter storm advisory all day meant lots of snow, so I took it upon myself to let me go home early!) and I photographed some of my cards to put up at my new etsy shop (
But now I have to list them. and list my new printed tees and baby tees. and my blog page is seriously lacking in personality, I know, but my list just grows and grows!
My big surprise and joy of the day was my first sale with my new shop! Only my second sale in history, but it didn't take too long at all and it has filled me with hope.
and isn't hope all I really need??

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New blog

I am starting fresh. It is my intention to continue making my little things: handmade papers, bookmarks, cards, and screen printed items. However, with the new year, I also have high hopes of selling some of them. I am currently involved in a joint etsy venture with a friend. It has been a place to showcase my paper items, but we seem to have go astray. Now the shop is full of many different things. They are all great items, but we find it too be a bit muddled and busy.
So....we are devoting that space ( to our screen printed and painted tees and bags. We are, however, still in the process of changing things around. In the meantime, I have started setting up my new shop ( as a new home for my beloved paper crafts.
I do think it is risky to move stuff around, but I feel it is a necessary step if I hope to make anything of this wonderful world of handmade gifts.
Please check out etsy and our modest little shops. I will be posting as much as possible...likely to pre-post new items or maybe just to work myself through the unavoidable headaches of working full-time while trying to make a place for myself in the art world.