Thursday, January 15, 2009

Movin' right along...I guess

It is very difficult to try to be a part-time artist with a full-time job. I cannot remember the last time I had enough time in my day to even THINK about preparing a proper meal (thank goodness for my hubby!). Cleaning gets done sporadically, at best; or, at the very least, when we know company is coming (like Monday when the heating/cooling friend of mine comes to put in our new higher efficiency furnace). My studio is becoming a dumping ground for stuff...screen printing mess, stamping mess, paper cutting mess, and paper making mess. Plus, now it is home for our bikes which had to be moved til the new furnace project is complete. Due to the intense 'chill' in the basement (home of the 'studio' and gym) my workouts still take place down there, but the screen printing adventures have been moved upstairs to the mud room (also more convenient to the sink). And that can only mean one thing...a huge mess in the mud room, too! I took advantage of a slightly shortened day at work today (winter storm advisory all day meant lots of snow, so I took it upon myself to let me go home early!) and I photographed some of my cards to put up at my new etsy shop (
But now I have to list them. and list my new printed tees and baby tees. and my blog page is seriously lacking in personality, I know, but my list just grows and grows!
My big surprise and joy of the day was my first sale with my new shop! Only my second sale in history, but it didn't take too long at all and it has filled me with hope.
and isn't hope all I really need??

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