Saturday, October 30, 2010

My eBay purchase

What's this? My new toy. The purchase from eBay that I have been waiting a week for. It took it's trip across the entire country to be in my trembling little hands.
I almost didn't get it. I struggled with the decision while Hubby was in the other room. 'Should I get it? I can't decide!' From him, I heard thousands of 'Buy it now!'

What is it? Does this help??

How about this...?

I'm so excited. I haven't played in probably 14 years. I played all through school. Starting in 5th grade, when I really wanted to play the flute, but the band director said that my lips were the wrong shape. That the air I was blowing out was not going down into the mouthpiece, but hitting the center of my top lip and going outwards, to the sides!! Later, I found this to be pretty much a lie. I discovered that everyone wanted to play the flute and they needed more clarinetists. Also, when my sister started playing the flute, I had no difficulty getting it to make music. Despite wanting to play the flute, I embraced the clarinet, and did so well that I was first chair through 5th grade and into 6th grade until that fateful day when I broke my pinky finger. The 2nd chair had challenged me, and after a few weeks the director decided that, since there was another way to play the notes I needed my right pinky for, that it was fair for her to challenge. The problem was that he didn't show me that option in enough time for me to retrain my brain...I continued to try playing with my splinted finger...down to 2nd chair I went. After that, I just never came back. Into junior high, I didn't like the band director and I was a tween...not caring about band. I was last chair (out of about 13!). High school brought on my love of color guard, so playing wasn't as important, but I did enjoy it more, and settled in at the with most things in my life!
My clarinet was traded in for a saxophone for my sister...she played for 2 weeks!
I was able to make my parents feel bad enough to buy me a new clarinet...when I was 21!!
I don't know where they got it, but it had some damaged pads...eaten by moths!! I paid quite a bit of money to have it fixed...only to have the moths return, because the guy didn't fumigate the case, as he was supposed to!! After years of being wrapped in plastic with cedar blocks, I decided to see how much it would be these days to have it fixed. If you're's in the neighborhood of $500!!!
I forget about ebay sometimes, but when I was reminded by a friend, I thought...'what the heck!' I did some research and found a new clarinet in, still wrapped in plastic -brand new!!...was one-fifth the price...WITH shipping!
So, now, I just need a day off to see if I can still play!! Just 5 days of work, one birthday party, and one work meeting left before I get that day off!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

It's the Friday before Halloween, and I finally picked up a pumpkin for Hubby to carve. I was surprised he let me pick it out, but since they are only $3.99 EACH where I work, I just brought one home. I also have a surprise for him tonight...I tivoed It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown last night while he was out. It's his fav, and I don't think he knew it was on!! Anyway, this pumpkin had a super cool stem, where the others didn't have much of a stem at all.

After work, I stopped by see if the shoes I considered last week were still there. They were, so I bought them.
I browsed the store for a bit and also found this adorable sweater. It's really soft and has that cute sheer tie around the neck.

Then I was off to the mall for some stuff, including a headband I was considering for my renewal ceremony. This is the one I decided on. I thought about the feathered ones, but they were too white. I also picked up this cute black one to wear with...well, just about everything else I own!

In unrelated news, I was up using my computer the other morning, as I do every morning that I don't have to be to work at 5 a.m. I got up to freshen my coffee, and when I turned back to my computer, my previously sleeping cat, Hanzo, was at my computer as if he needed to check his email!! He made me laugh.

Anyone going out for Halloween? We used to go out every year. Usually to our friends' cafe where they always had a party, with live music and costume contests. It was always a blast, but then they sold their cafe. We are all still friends, but everyone has kids and...well, adult life things. There have been little get togethers here and there, but I feel like I've grown out of the fun Halloween used to bring for me. It's kind of sad, but it's the kind of ambivalence that makes me think that in the future, there will be a love of Halloween once again!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can't recall...

Usually, I check my last post to see what nonsense I had shared, but this time I didn't (I'm just up waiting to go to work). I'm sure I was going on and on about vacation or shoes or something frivolous.
Well, that's pretty much my life these days. I am working almost non-stop for the next couple weeks, and on times when I'm not working, I am going to work meetings, tying up loose ends for the trip, and I managed to book a hair appointment WEEKS in advance!! My calls to my hairdresser are usually, 'do you have ANY time before the end of the week???' She's pretty good about getting me in, but I hate being that girl!
I've also been REALLY good about getting my workouts in. I have consistently been working out 6 days a week for the past couple of months. I am keeping a close watch on my eating habits and I think I am ready to say that I have found my balance! My scale has informed me this morning that I have lost 10 pounds!! (since the end of August) I feel pretty awesome about it, and attribute the success to If not for logging every morsel of food and every minute of exercise, the weight loss would not have happened. The best part is that it logs really quickly. I had been on another site, but it would take too long or crash my computer, so this one isn't the time consumer you might think logging would be. It also has a facebook-esque social networking scene, full of people looking for motivation for weight loss.
I'm sure no one cared about that last bit...but I'm over the moon that I've lost 10 pounds!!

So, anyway, my calendar is booked pretty solid these next couple of weeks, so hopefully they will fly on by. Then we're into November, and oh, right, I will be working both jobs the second week of November, too...
but then, I will have one normal week of work. And then...Sunday the 21st at 6p.m. I will be kicked back in my seat on our United flight waiting for the stewardess to bring me my $4 Dixie cup of wine...the first of many drinks!!
I wasn't sure about bringing my camera for the trip, but then I remembered that I had one last time!! (duh!)

I should be getting my latest online purchase soon. Something I bought for myself on ebay, but want to be a surprise. I am hoping it will spark some creativity in me. A friend pointed out something that had been lingering in my mind that I didn't want to believe, but when I feel the desire to make something, I immediately wonder about etsy...and that discourages me...and so I just don't do it. I have recently sold some stuff (a few of my card collections) which was my first sale since last winter. But I wonder how bad it would be if I closed shop, tried to get my groove back, and then try etsy again at a later time. Or not at all?
Doesn't matter right now, I guess...

off to work...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

i wish i'd brought my camera

Last night Hubby and I met up with our friend for some music at this cute little wine bar in our town. There was a woman performing that we have been wanting to see again... Kami Lyle . She's fun and plays the trumpet and has a Rickie Lee Jones kind of voice. She plays with a stand up bass and classical guitar. Some of her songs she sings in French, and sitting there at our tiny little bistro table with our bottle of wine, cheese plate, and chocolate silk pie listening to her belt out in French, I felt as if I was actually in a Parisian cafe!!
She was wearing a tea-length pink dress with some black crinoline showing (I believe it was actually sewn to the hem), super cute spectator type heels and a pink bow in her blond pony-tail. I thought about bringing my camera, but thought, 'that's weird...people will think I'm weird.' But there were people flashing pics all night!! I really wanted it when the cute little old man got up there with his 'Cajun accordion' to play a couple songs with her!
So I was out a lot later than I had anticipated and didn't get a shot of my outfit until we got home. I really wanted to wear my new shoes, and show how cute they are, but at 11 pm, having to get up at 4 the next morning, I lost my patience trying to get a picture in the bathroom.
This is the best I could do:

The tip of the shoe is kind of a wing-tip style, I think. I got them at Payless last month and have been waiting to wear them somewhere.

I wore them with my tea-length grey accordion pleated dress. I bought this dress 9 years ago for our beach ceremony for our family and friends after we got married. I wore a plain blue long-sleeved tee underneath with my 'new' zip up hooded cardigan. I thought it was a cute outfit and I LOVE the shoes! They look really tiny, and I am not used to a high heel, but they are so comfy and adorable. Thank you, Payless!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What is wrong with me?!

I just told Hubby to be cautious of his spending, as it is the time of the month I start biting my nails from stress that we will have money in the bank when the mortgage is due. We always do, and we have savings in case of an emergency, but it never fails, I always get freaked out and think something terrible is going to happen just as I'm about to make that giant payment.
Yet, I have just been buying stuff like there's no tomorrow! Including a purchase that I really don't need...and I certainly didn't need it RIGHT NOW! But I did it. And now I have to live with my decision, as I bought it on eBay.
I guess I better hit it big in Vegas!!

Also, with my hair...pretty much as soon as I posted my last blog, I made up my mind that I didn't want to try a new haircut just before going away. I want to go have fun...and knowing I will like my hair cut will make it a lot easier!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm so indecisive!

So, my schedules between my two jobs is all messed up! I offered to work a couple shifts to cover for the other kennel girl while she's on vacation. Of course, this is the first week in months that I have been scheduled for a Thursday...because I said I could work Thursday morning at the kennel!! I'm so mad.
Anyway, I have managed to find a day to get my hair cut, between all the working (no days off for a while again...ugh!)
The problem: I'm kinda diggin' my hair these days. That is, it's grown out past the stage I hate, so now I don't hate it and it looks cute with headbands. BUT, I still really like my super short cut. So, now I'm thinking maybe leave it longer in the front, but still get it short in the back. I could just have her thin out the top/sides/front, and cut the back short. The part I think I really like is the longer, pointy 'side-burns'.
So I found some pictures:

I think this one is kinda like how it is now (I of course didn't upload a picture of my original cut ala Natalie Portman.

But I like Pink's hair...choppy + long in front, short in back. I can't decide and I do this EVERY TIME I get my hair cut. And what do I do when it's time? I say, 'just do what you did last time.'

In other news: I found a bag. It's champagne colored 'satin' with a nice long shoulder strap I can tuck away if I want just a clutch. I found it while shopping at Marshall's...$9.99!! I think it looks vintage and will go great with my dress, and pretty much anything's pretty neutral.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

They're heeere!

My new shoes!! They fit perfectly!! The heels are Lucite, though, and there isn't anything on the bottom to keep from slipping. I'm hoping to find something to stick on the bottom, since, walking around the house the heels slid out from under me. Other than that, they are absolutely comfy!!
They are a bit, gold, I guess, than I thought, but I think they work.

And, the etsy seller (Vintage Jewelry Etc) sent me an adorable scarf!!
(unfortunately, I couldn't get the picture to come up with the right orientation.)
Well, I am watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, and waiting for the rain to start (though, now it's not supposed to start until tomorrow, now)...I love the cocktail party scene!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I think I may have a problem

I've gone mad with the vintage shopping!! All for this trip! What I've learned...not much really, except that I apparently like spending money on things I don't REALLY need and may not ever wear again. The problem? No problem, really, I just feel like I should join a support group or something.
You may remember this cute necklace and earring set? I DID buy it, and the woman gave me a great deal. I got it today and she fixed the missing stone!!
It's even more beautiful in person. And it's a choker type necklace, which i love.
And, of course, this is the dress I have been frantically hunting out shoes for...
Well, here are the shoes!!
A more perfect shoe I could not find. I am HOPING they actually fit. I got measurements from the seller, but I think she misunderstood as she said the toe-bed was 2'' across. Now, I don't know any size 10 foot that could support itself being only 2'' across. I'm a little nervous to wear them in Vegas...up and down the streets, stairs, and escalators, but if they are perfect, what choice do I have?!
So I think this can be the end...oh, wait, I still need a bag AND a carry on suitcase!! (For under $20 each I'm hoping!)

***The necklace set is from moxiesbestfriend on etsy.***
***The shoes are from VintageJewelryEtc on etsy.***

Thursday, October 7, 2010!

In just over 6 weeks we'll be leaving for Las Vegas for our anniversary trip, which also happens to be our first vacation in over 6 years. I'm not as excited about 'taking a vacation' as I am to finally have some time, as in more than a couple hours before I fall asleep, to spend with my Hubby! We don't have days off together, and pretty much just see each other when we get home from work. We joke that this is how we've lasted 10 years married (15 years together), but is exciting to know that we finally get to have some quality time together after so many years!
Hubby is all set. He has his swanky navy velvet jacket, crazy black boots, light blue pin stripe french cuff shirt, and now some fun cuff links I found for him on etsy.
I have been gathering up bits of jewelry for myself, too. I have had this set 'hearted' forever, but couldn't decide. The seller (moxiesbestfriend) was offering free shipping, so I thought about it again. She gave me an offer I couldn't refuse and so I am expecting it by the end of the week. It's missing a stone (which is why I couldn't decide), but I should be able to find one to replace it.
Now the real problem: SHOES!
If you remember, this is the dress:
It's sparkly, but it's CREAM. Not gold, not silver...I am having a hard time with shoes. I am a light traveler and REALLY want to find a pair of comfy shoes that will go with everything I bring. I realize, with this dress, I will likely need at least an extra pair for that. But I still want it to be a comfy shoe! There are TONS of great shoes, but I have fallen down stairs MULTIPLE times in my life and there are a lot of stairs in Vegas!
So I found these: (at I like them, but not sure they do this dress justice? Though I did find this clutch on etsy and thought maybe the duo would work well together? (at el ritmo retro)
So then I browse the online shoe stores and find some cute stuff, but nothing seems to work with this dress!! I find a fun pair of shoes, but the heels too scary. I find the perfect style but the color is too plain...what's a girl to do?
I liked these, but the color is all wrong, and the more I look at it, the more I want to hit the disco scene!!
And I LOVE this shoe, but clearly it is just too plain for this dress...right??
I love the toe, I love the T-strap, I love the heel, and I do love the color...but not for this dress. (the last two pair are at, too)
I hate shoe shopping. And I especially hate it when the dress is just so damn...unique!
I'm so lost.