Thursday, October 7, 2010!

In just over 6 weeks we'll be leaving for Las Vegas for our anniversary trip, which also happens to be our first vacation in over 6 years. I'm not as excited about 'taking a vacation' as I am to finally have some time, as in more than a couple hours before I fall asleep, to spend with my Hubby! We don't have days off together, and pretty much just see each other when we get home from work. We joke that this is how we've lasted 10 years married (15 years together), but is exciting to know that we finally get to have some quality time together after so many years!
Hubby is all set. He has his swanky navy velvet jacket, crazy black boots, light blue pin stripe french cuff shirt, and now some fun cuff links I found for him on etsy.
I have been gathering up bits of jewelry for myself, too. I have had this set 'hearted' forever, but couldn't decide. The seller (moxiesbestfriend) was offering free shipping, so I thought about it again. She gave me an offer I couldn't refuse and so I am expecting it by the end of the week. It's missing a stone (which is why I couldn't decide), but I should be able to find one to replace it.
Now the real problem: SHOES!
If you remember, this is the dress:
It's sparkly, but it's CREAM. Not gold, not silver...I am having a hard time with shoes. I am a light traveler and REALLY want to find a pair of comfy shoes that will go with everything I bring. I realize, with this dress, I will likely need at least an extra pair for that. But I still want it to be a comfy shoe! There are TONS of great shoes, but I have fallen down stairs MULTIPLE times in my life and there are a lot of stairs in Vegas!
So I found these: (at I like them, but not sure they do this dress justice? Though I did find this clutch on etsy and thought maybe the duo would work well together? (at el ritmo retro)
So then I browse the online shoe stores and find some cute stuff, but nothing seems to work with this dress!! I find a fun pair of shoes, but the heels too scary. I find the perfect style but the color is too plain...what's a girl to do?
I liked these, but the color is all wrong, and the more I look at it, the more I want to hit the disco scene!!
And I LOVE this shoe, but clearly it is just too plain for this dress...right??
I love the toe, I love the T-strap, I love the heel, and I do love the color...but not for this dress. (the last two pair are at, too)
I hate shoe shopping. And I especially hate it when the dress is just so damn...unique!
I'm so lost.

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  1. The Flats with the purse would be darling. Also, if you like the last shoe, will be able to walk in them, but are afraid they're not flashy enough for the dress, keep in mind that the dress is the centerpiece. You don't want to out do the dress. *^_^*