Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm so indecisive!

So, my schedules between my two jobs is all messed up! I offered to work a couple shifts to cover for the other kennel girl while she's on vacation. Of course, this is the first week in months that I have been scheduled for a Thursday...because I said I could work Thursday morning at the kennel!! I'm so mad.
Anyway, I have managed to find a day to get my hair cut, between all the working (no days off for a while again...ugh!)
The problem: I'm kinda diggin' my hair these days. That is, it's grown out past the stage I hate, so now I don't hate it and it looks cute with headbands. BUT, I still really like my super short cut. So, now I'm thinking maybe leave it longer in the front, but still get it short in the back. I could just have her thin out the top/sides/front, and cut the back short. The part I think I really like is the longer, pointy 'side-burns'.
So I found some pictures:

I think this one is kinda like how it is now (I of course didn't upload a picture of my original cut ala Natalie Portman.

But I like Pink's hair...choppy + long in front, short in back. I can't decide and I do this EVERY TIME I get my hair cut. And what do I do when it's time? I say, 'just do what you did last time.'

In other news: I found a bag. It's champagne colored 'satin' with a nice long shoulder strap I can tuck away if I want just a clutch. I found it while shopping at Marshall's...$9.99!! I think it looks vintage and will go great with my dress, and pretty much anything's pretty neutral.


  1. I like both of the cuts - why not wear it a little longer in the front for a while and if you don't like it - you could always get it cut again. I got mine cut on Tuesday. I go a really long time between cuts and I am not so sure my hairdresser remembered my cut this time. It is way shorter than normal and I kind of have pointy side-burns which I have always asked not to have before. But, at any rate - it is not what I went in for but I am really really liking it! I do think I will take a photo next time and go back to my other cut because it is my fave - but this super short is fun and it will last till Christmas :)

  2. I really like the way your hair is now, too. However, if you want to try a change (like P!nk's hair), I say go for it! Short dos are really cute on you. Why not add a little twist?
    Also, that purse is adorable! How perfect.
    Oh yeah, one last thing; thanks for the comment on my latest. *~_^*

  3. I really love this bag ! I am looking hard to find for something very similar for a wedding in France this summer. Is there a brand indicated inside the bag ? I could maybe find it online... Your help would be greatly appreciated !!! Thank you !