Thursday, October 29, 2009

paper and buttons and glue...oh my!

How does one prepare for a craft show in two weeks, when she has just decided to be in said show? She re-works last years stock, and finishes all the cast-aways lying around the studio!
I have to say, while I feel bad that hubby has to work so late, it is SO nice getting home by 2 and having the house empty. Usually it is the perfect recipe for a long afternoon of watching Amazing Wedding Cakes or Sell This House. But, with the craft show too close for comfort, I made myself work. I put it off long enough to get a 3 mile walk/jog in, but then it was work, work, work.
Okay, 'work' is a strong word for what actually went down, but I DID accomplish some things!
I have some ornaments I made last year that I REALLY liked...but, couldn't get anyone to buy. I decided to give them another try by taking my favorites (the ones with the origami penguins hanging inside the half globe) and putting a hard coat sealant on the outside. It makes them stronger, but it also darkens the color of the paper...I have mixed feelings about the results (also my camera battery gave out while taking pictures) so I don't have proof of these, yet.
I also decorated a paper 'vessel' that I made about 2 weeks ago! I think it ended up pretty cute.

And I made another little bowl that I think kind of has the look of a Greek Urn or something.
So this is what I have done so far. Will anyone ever want to take home one of my paper 'vessels'? Will anyone have a need for a little piece of art that they can put their spare change or buttons in? I guess these questions, and more, shall soon be answered by the masses of craft show-goers!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Craft Show on the horizon?

Well, last night I got a call from my sister who works at a local farm that hosts a few Craft Shows throughout the year. Last year, my other sister, my aunt, and I all took part, so this year we were all invited back. My aunt is no longer crafting in the sense of 'buy my wares'. I have passing on craft shows based mostly on the fact that last year I didn't have much success; but, there is also the problem with my stock. It is very low. I have not even listed much in the way of new product on my etsy site. But sister Steph called me and she seemed to want to take part. looks like I need to get to work so that I actually have stuff to sell TWO WEEKS!
I am a little stressed about it. I'm not going to lie...I have started cocktail hour a bit early today. The kicker: I think it may have actually sparked some creative juices in me. I should've know! A goal! That's what a person needs to get back on track!
I decided, after finishing my 'chores', that I would enjoy the rest of this rainy day to relax and unwind and think about how I am going to manage this.
These are shots from the last time I did this show...
My little corner had my mish-mash of ornaments, magnets, and handmade cards. I really thought the ornaments would do better. I sold mostly Christmas cards. I still have some bags left, so I can bring those again, but I would really love to have some new stuff. How can a craft show cause so much stress??

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Treasury, anyone?

Just a quick post this morning...
I got a convo from another etsy seller informing my of her latest treasury in which she included one of my 'mini books'.
So I thought I'd share the love and post the link.
She included a lot of very pretty things...

Check it out!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


It's raining. And it's fabulous. I had to go into work this morning to finish up yesterdays work. My mom is on a bus back to the airport to go back to Michigan today; so, yesterday was my last chance to see her before she leaves. After I closed up shop, I just left all the work to do later (since we are closed on Sunday, it was a nice option to be able to go back whenever I could).
Anyway, she and sister Steph stopped by my house for coffee and then we drove back to the other end of the Cape to meet up with Donna and Nate for a late lunch/early dinner of fried seafood and beer. A stop at the beach ended short when the sky got even darker, the winds picked up, and a very cold, driving rain pelted our faces. It's pretty much been raining since.
I like a nice windy rainy day when I don't have plans. I feel bad for mom having to be on a bus and then on a plane, though. I didn't get to see much of her, but I do miss having her around.
Steph's pre-Halloween party was fun. I went early to hang out a bit since I knew I wasn't going to be able to stay late. They did a great job of decorating, making food (lots of food), and Steph's costume was so adorable...Hello Kitty.
The table looked great...and, delicious!
Steph, as Hello Kitty. She and mom made the whole costume!! I was lazy and cold, so I threw on an old white dress, my feathery angel wings and my snow boots and went as a 'snow angel'. But I couldn't resist the Hello Kitty head!
Here's a funny video of steph dancing...

Oh, well...I just got a call from Steph and I guess I will see mom one more time if we go meet them at the 'drop off' where mom's catching the bus. Can't's so nice just sitting here wrapped up in my warm blanket. Of course, going would force me up off my a** and maybe I could get something done today!? What a novel idea, eh?!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Check it out!!

A dear, sweet blogger (Little Monarch) has interviewed me for her Talk To Me Tuesday post this week.
I am SOOOO honored and excited. Read it here.
Check out her funky jewelry here.
And be sure to link to all of her awesome friends, too. I LOVE that we live in an age where the idea of 'pen pals' has taken on new meaning. Don't get me wrong, I am a sucker for anything paper or pen or anything dealing with writing, really. But the fact that you can connect with someone who in the past you probably would never even have knowledge of existing, is pretty amazing, I think. And just being able, through blogs, to be able to get a glimpse at another person's life and culture and interests is so great.

So check out the interview, but don't stop there! See what everyone else is up to! (And you should probably check back with her next week to meet someone new!!)

So here's what I did last night....Mom's in town and after a long day at the animal hospital, I had her and my sister Steph over for pizza, beer, homemade birthday cake (with Chocolate-Peppermint Schnapps Whipped cream frosting, thank you very much), and the season finale of Hell's Kitchen (I just can't get enough of that Gordon Ramsey yelling at people! He's hilarious!)

(sorry if the dog's eyes creep anyone eye in my photofix program doesn't work on pets apparently. so I had to do it in photoshop...which I am also not skilled in!)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Octobers Bounty

I love Fall. I love the crisp air, the crunchy leaves beneath my feet, and the smell of burning wood. I love Fall fashion, though I am not usually in the height of it, I do enjoy my down vest and hoodies.
October also means pumpkins and the carving; or, in my case, the destruction. Baby sister had a pumpkin carving party last week (I think it was last week?). I found it amusing to have people arriving at a party toting their own's just not something you bring to any ol' party!
I had no plan for my pumpkin, but one of the guests brought a magazine with an ad for templates you could order. Of the examples, there was a pug (which I have) and a Chihuahua (which D. has). Going by the picture, hers turned out fab.

Going by the image in my head, mine ended up looking more like a teddy bear...not much like a pug, anyway.
Baby Sis made hers into a little faerie house:
And Steph, not wanting to clean out the seeds, I guess, decided to make hers a little more...Zombie inspired?
We also did some apple-bobbing, which I was first to try. I'd rather not re-live that part of the evening, however.
October also means Pumpkin Ales. I have been settling for brews that I know will not satisfy my 'pumpkin tooth'. The Harvest Ales of Sam Adams, Post Road, and I even tried a new one (which I can remember the name of) just didn't have that pumpkinny goodness I so long for in October! I just wanted a 6-pack of my favorite Shipyard Pumpkinhead, but couldn't find it in my usual package stores. Finally, last night, I got it! And it's just as good as I remember. Ah!
Oh, and one more thing...Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins! Sure, our local bakery makes them year-round, but today, with the crisp clean air and chilly breeze I enjoyed that muffin so much more than usual.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So here we are...another week gone by and I have managed to do a lot of nothing.

I finally finished up a couple little 'bowls' of paper. Not really bowls, but I am not really sure what else to call them. You can put stuff in them, like paper clips or loose change, but one of them is square and I'm not sure it is proper to call anything square, or with a flat bottom for that matter, a 'bowl'.
At any rate, I have finished them and actually got around to post them in my etsy shop, so that is quite an accomplishment for me these days.
I have been slowly getting used to not getting out of work til 6pm Mondays and Tuesdays. Having Wednesdays off is nice, but I have found that I am having trouble focusing on anything creative still. I actually went downstairs full of excitement to work on some art stuff, opened the door to my studio, promptly lost interest in sitting at my desk and went back upstairs. I did this THREE TIMES during the day! I told Hubby of my creative troubles (since he is a creative person, I thought he could help find a solution) and he said he has had those days. And then suggested we move my studio upstairs. I have been considering it for months, but didn't really want to disturb the main part of the house. When we have people over, we need all the space we have upstairs, and the proposed new studio location is basically the entryway we use. Hubby said, 'so what, people will deal.' So I guess my next project is to move my studio...not sure when I'll get around to that.
My mom is coming for a visit. It'll be the first I've seen her since she moved back to Michigan, about a year ago, I think? She'll be here tomorrow, and I think I will get to see her maybe 2 or 3 times while she's here for a week.
And other than that, we have settled on a Japanese theme for our family Christmas this year. Each year someone hosts, and this year it is us. The host chooses a theme to base the menu, attire, decor, and swap gifts on. We were going to do Las Vegas because Hubby is so into poker, but then he decided Japanese may be more fun for everyone. So now I can start shopping for fun decorations, stuff to use for make your own sushi dinner (though, I already have so much stuff!) and of course, I'll need a kick ass Kimono...I've already got one marked as a favorite on Etsy!!
Well, I've blabbed on enough about nothing and it's time for my 'date' with Hubby and a glass of scotch out on the patio before the sun is gone! Ahhh...October on the East Coast!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A poem

We were out and about
Getting coffee and such,
At our fav little bakery
That we love so much,
When what to our wondering eyes should appear?

A life-sized nutcracker!!

So, of course, we took him home.
okay, not a great poem, but how else could I introduce such a treasure? What on Earth will we do with this? I've no idea. Crack some nuts, I guess.
(oh, just a little update...I forgot to mention that he wasn't just out roaming around...he was standing next to a dumpster. That is why he came home with us.)