Sunday, October 18, 2009


It's raining. And it's fabulous. I had to go into work this morning to finish up yesterdays work. My mom is on a bus back to the airport to go back to Michigan today; so, yesterday was my last chance to see her before she leaves. After I closed up shop, I just left all the work to do later (since we are closed on Sunday, it was a nice option to be able to go back whenever I could).
Anyway, she and sister Steph stopped by my house for coffee and then we drove back to the other end of the Cape to meet up with Donna and Nate for a late lunch/early dinner of fried seafood and beer. A stop at the beach ended short when the sky got even darker, the winds picked up, and a very cold, driving rain pelted our faces. It's pretty much been raining since.
I like a nice windy rainy day when I don't have plans. I feel bad for mom having to be on a bus and then on a plane, though. I didn't get to see much of her, but I do miss having her around.
Steph's pre-Halloween party was fun. I went early to hang out a bit since I knew I wasn't going to be able to stay late. They did a great job of decorating, making food (lots of food), and Steph's costume was so adorable...Hello Kitty.
The table looked great...and, delicious!
Steph, as Hello Kitty. She and mom made the whole costume!! I was lazy and cold, so I threw on an old white dress, my feathery angel wings and my snow boots and went as a 'snow angel'. But I couldn't resist the Hello Kitty head!
Here's a funny video of steph dancing...

Oh, well...I just got a call from Steph and I guess I will see mom one more time if we go meet them at the 'drop off' where mom's catching the bus. Can't's so nice just sitting here wrapped up in my warm blanket. Of course, going would force me up off my a** and maybe I could get something done today!? What a novel idea, eh?!


  1. Okay, the video is crappy, but i still think it was funny!

  2. It was a cute set up and I have to take credit for the sillohuettes and the spooky skullll-ah-tin with the crackers! Fun times. I am sorry you will miss your mum, but maybe now you can take a trip back to MI for a visit?!

  3. i love autumn! i love sitting inside on a rainy day in a nest in bed. all snug and cosy. your pre halloween party has given me an idea. Im going to invite everyone round for roast dinner and pumpkin pie this sunday. if you were in london i would love for you to come :-)

  4. Haha omygod! Is it weird that that Hello Kitty kind of freaks me out? A good dancer though.