Thursday, October 8, 2009

So here we are...another week gone by and I have managed to do a lot of nothing.

I finally finished up a couple little 'bowls' of paper. Not really bowls, but I am not really sure what else to call them. You can put stuff in them, like paper clips or loose change, but one of them is square and I'm not sure it is proper to call anything square, or with a flat bottom for that matter, a 'bowl'.
At any rate, I have finished them and actually got around to post them in my etsy shop, so that is quite an accomplishment for me these days.
I have been slowly getting used to not getting out of work til 6pm Mondays and Tuesdays. Having Wednesdays off is nice, but I have found that I am having trouble focusing on anything creative still. I actually went downstairs full of excitement to work on some art stuff, opened the door to my studio, promptly lost interest in sitting at my desk and went back upstairs. I did this THREE TIMES during the day! I told Hubby of my creative troubles (since he is a creative person, I thought he could help find a solution) and he said he has had those days. And then suggested we move my studio upstairs. I have been considering it for months, but didn't really want to disturb the main part of the house. When we have people over, we need all the space we have upstairs, and the proposed new studio location is basically the entryway we use. Hubby said, 'so what, people will deal.' So I guess my next project is to move my studio...not sure when I'll get around to that.
My mom is coming for a visit. It'll be the first I've seen her since she moved back to Michigan, about a year ago, I think? She'll be here tomorrow, and I think I will get to see her maybe 2 or 3 times while she's here for a week.
And other than that, we have settled on a Japanese theme for our family Christmas this year. Each year someone hosts, and this year it is us. The host chooses a theme to base the menu, attire, decor, and swap gifts on. We were going to do Las Vegas because Hubby is so into poker, but then he decided Japanese may be more fun for everyone. So now I can start shopping for fun decorations, stuff to use for make your own sushi dinner (though, I already have so much stuff!) and of course, I'll need a kick ass Kimono...I've already got one marked as a favorite on Etsy!!
Well, I've blabbed on enough about nothing and it's time for my 'date' with Hubby and a glass of scotch out on the patio before the sun is gone! Ahhh...October on the East Coast!!


  1. Your bowl is darling! *^_^*
    Ooh! Japanese, eh? Cosplay for Christmas!!!

  2. Great! I alwasy said you should use the entry porch as your studio. It gets light and consider how many times you have people over to how often you use your studio and which is more important, EXACTLY! So, good for you. It will be really nice to have light and heat and your cool brick wall area. You will be forced to do more, as well, because it will be right there off the kitchen.