Thursday, October 29, 2009

paper and buttons and glue...oh my!

How does one prepare for a craft show in two weeks, when she has just decided to be in said show? She re-works last years stock, and finishes all the cast-aways lying around the studio!
I have to say, while I feel bad that hubby has to work so late, it is SO nice getting home by 2 and having the house empty. Usually it is the perfect recipe for a long afternoon of watching Amazing Wedding Cakes or Sell This House. But, with the craft show too close for comfort, I made myself work. I put it off long enough to get a 3 mile walk/jog in, but then it was work, work, work.
Okay, 'work' is a strong word for what actually went down, but I DID accomplish some things!
I have some ornaments I made last year that I REALLY liked...but, couldn't get anyone to buy. I decided to give them another try by taking my favorites (the ones with the origami penguins hanging inside the half globe) and putting a hard coat sealant on the outside. It makes them stronger, but it also darkens the color of the paper...I have mixed feelings about the results (also my camera battery gave out while taking pictures) so I don't have proof of these, yet.
I also decorated a paper 'vessel' that I made about 2 weeks ago! I think it ended up pretty cute.

And I made another little bowl that I think kind of has the look of a Greek Urn or something.
So this is what I have done so far. Will anyone ever want to take home one of my paper 'vessels'? Will anyone have a need for a little piece of art that they can put their spare change or buttons in? I guess these questions, and more, shall soon be answered by the masses of craft show-goers!

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  1. They're so cute! Maybe, depending upon weather this year, you guys might think about setting up closer to the farm stand. There may be more foot traffic there.