Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's November

Halloween is over and I am sad to have not taken part in it whatsoever. I got to carve a pumpkin early in October, and I went to a pre-Halloween costume party. And that is it. I actually have a friend who's Halloween party is always the Saturday AFTER Halloween, so I may go to that next weekend, but probably not. Hubby had to work until midnight last night and I am not really a 'go out alone' kind of girl, so I stayed home. Which was actually a productive blessing in disguise. I wanted to get a batch of paper pulp ready so that I could do some work this morning while Hubby slept in. Instead, I made the pulp and then kept right on going and formed some into shapes with the random things I use as molds. I also started another mini notebook.
So this morning, I was able to move on to the next phase of other projects.
But now, with the craft show coming up, I am beginning to have that feeling of being overwhelmed. Tags need to be made and attached to things. Projects need to be finished so that I have stuff to sell. Pricing needs to be figured out. And, same as last year, I am forever fearful of my product holding up...since I work in paper and this particular fair is held at a farm and, for the most part, is outdoors. Last year it rained and it was frigid, but we were in the 'barn' which was the most sturdy and 'warm' section. However, I felt we didn't get as much traffic because it was down a hill and people had to be outside longer in order to get there. The pavilion people were right smack dab in the middle of all the action, but had no real shelter from the wind...only a roof overhead. And then there's the greenhouse...kept warm by the sun, sheltered from the wind, but tiny. It's first come first serve, and we are not able to make our decision until Monday, since I am going in with my sister and she will not know her schedule at work until our choice of 'seating' may be made for us, anyway.

And now that it is November, I have to really get my Christmas party arrangements in motion. That means researching Japanese foods, dress, decor, etc. That means, finding sources for Japanese foods, too. Sister Steph has lots of stuff I can use for decorations, though, and she has offered to help out if I need it. Since I am serving 'make your own sushi'...there won't be that stress of getting dinner on the table, at least.

Today I am off to a tea party for a friend's birthday. I will post a picture of my dress, as it is '50's themed. I'm going to look awful, but I don't have much to work with in the way of clothing. I do have this super cute little fuzzy 'jacket' that was something my grandmother had...I can wear that, anyway.

At some point I have to figure out my stupid health insurance stuff, too. This issue has become such a hassle and an annoyance that I wish would just go away. It was so much nicer when I was not forced to spend money I didn't have for something I didn't want!

Well, Hubby is up and getting ready to go do the usual morning and a chat with the proprietors, walk, beach. Maybe a nail trim for the dog. I'll need about an hour to get ready for the tea party, and then I'll be relaxing with a cup of tea with the girls for the rest of the day.

Then back to work.......................


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing your new work! See you at the Tea Party. *^_^*

  2. sounds like you are going to be busy little squirrel this november. looking forward to seeing pictures of you in your dress! the 50s ROCK.

  3. Thank you so much for coming to my tea party, I had so much fun and it really has made me feel good about 'this' birthday. If you decide you want to do BOTH days of the craft fair, I will gladly go with you on saturday. We can spread your things out with a few of mine to make it look full, if you like, just let me know. Sorry you can't make it to dinner tonight, you will be missed. Now, get to work and make paper, silly!