Sunday, November 22, 2009


It's Sunday (again) and I am wondering...should I wake Hubby so we can get a move on and make the trip to Ikea this morning? Or, should I let him sleep since he has been working his new job 9-5 five days a week, then his 'just in case things don't work out, I need a fallback' job on Saturdays, and he has several freelance projects he's been working on every night this week, plus we went out with some friends last night and didn't get home til 11:30pm.
On the other hand, this is really the last chance to do any shopping before the mad rush of Holiday shoppers. We have been trapped here due to our income situation as of late, but are getting depressed just going day to day to pay the bills but nothing else. So, we thought we'd take our annual trip to Newport, Rhode Island to hang out, visit our fav Japanese store, and ogle the mansions. Then I realized...I'm hosting Christmas Eve dinner. I have 7 on the guest list. I have 6 place settings!! So, the trip to Ikea isn't essential, I would just like to have enough plates for everyone. But then there's the fact that I convinced Hubby to go to Ikea instead of Newport, so if we don't go, then I've ruined our travel plans altogether. Maybe we can just do Newport in a few weeks??

In other news, I hate it when people comment on 'global warming' as a reaction to the daily weather. We had a pretty chilly summer, with almost an entire month of rain, before the temp got up to the 'normal' range for the season. The past few weeks we've seen 70 degree days turn into 30 degree nights, followed by 'oh, my, it could snow today' chills in the air. So when it's summer and cold and people say 'so much for global warming' I want to punch them in the face...but, I suppose I come to expect to hear it. Yesterday someone said, because it's November 20-something and 65 degrees outside, 'if this is global warming, I'll take it!' Come on, people!! It's not about the daily weather's about the fact that it's not supposed to be cold in August and warm in November!! The world's gone all topsy-turvy and it's just not right!
There wasn't any REAL point to that story except to say that yesterday it was about 65 degrees and right now my teeth are chattering from the cold (I refuse to turn on the heat until it gets down to 60 degrees INSIDE).

I've started adding my new journals to my etsy site. And I'm getting ready to start my holiday sales. I thought about offering a percentage off or something, but I've not dealt with PayPal long enough to know the ins and outs. Has anyone had to do refunds (say, for a 'bogo' deal)? How does that work and is it a total pain? Just curious, I could just check out the site and see if there are answers there, but I was wondering about any personal experiences.


  1. We could always bring our own place settings? It may not match, but it could save you the time and money of going to Ikea. Plus, this would leave the opportunity for the two of you to go to RI. Just a thought.
    And, yeah, people that comment on the weather with ignorant remarks about the downfall of our once immensely beautiful planet grate on my last nerve, too. *-_-*

  2. ignorant people who make passing comments like that deserve to thumped on the head. dont they know what their ignorance is doing to our planet? all i can think about is the poor polar bears :-(

  3. I agree, and of coure another element to our strained planet is our incessant consumerism, which leads to making more plastics, more packaging, even the recylcing of the things we need like 'bottled water' hello, it comes out of our taps. The recycling of plastic ALSO contaminates and depletes the ozone, which of course leads to global warming. Every time we need to buy more things we don't need we might as well, just stick our middle finger up at the sky and say, 'screw you ozone', but alas, many people don't want to think too deeply or follow the line of reasoning as to what leads to global warning. Silly, I know.