Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Personal life update:

I think I have forgotten to mention that our little girl, Moxie, has been drug free for OVER 3 WEEKS!! That's right, folks...I think that pug has healed right up. No more limping, and no more prescription meds. Of course, she decided not to heal until AFTER I ran back to the vet for a refill, which I have not touched! At least, possibly because she is small and her fracture was tiny...basically it looked like a hair in the x-ray...the drugs were not expensive. And now we have them in case...well, I guess in case she develops some sort of arthritis and has 'bad days'??
We have her on supplements, however, but I'm very okay with that. They are natural and keep her joints healthy and that makes me happy. She's the best pug EVER!

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