Wednesday, March 31, 2010

some girls have all the luck

I guess, today, that girl is me!
My car has been having issues with the temperature gauge. Not anything bad, really, just that the temp goes up or down when I use the vents or defrost. But, not a lot...just a bit. Well, Sunday, my check engine light came on and I figured I had put off having it checked out for as long as I could.
Today, I was bringing it in after work. I had mentioned it to a co-worker and she said, 'have you put gas in recently?' I said, 'yes, but there's the temp issue and it's probably that.' She said that she had taken her car in to find out that the light came on because she didn't put the gas cap on tightly. I am pretty good about making sure it's tight.
20 minutes after dropping my car off...'your gas cap wasn't on tight.' REALLY!?
So I walked back from the coffee shop, paid my $20 and asked about the temperature thing.
Nothing came up on the computer, don't worry about it.
So, after the $600 repair to Hubby's car last week, I'm pretty psyched (although, slightly embarrassed) that it was just a $20 fix!
I have been dreading this week because of all the extra stuff I had to do. But the car thing didn't take as long as I thought. Tomorrow is the Dad errand, but after talking to him, he just needs to go to the doctor...nothing extra, so that will be quick. Friday is free now, although I thought I was going to have to go back to the mechanic, so that's a pleasant surprise/bonus. So all of that will offset the fact that I have been asked to work at 5a.m. the rest of the week instead of 6. I can't believe how much I look forward to Sundays now. And it's not because I don't like my jobs, because I actually do, it's just because I like having that one day to stay in my jammies as long as i like!

Next week I am hoping to get my hair cut. I had to have my picture taken for my vet job, so that they could add me to the staff page on the website...hopefully the cat I am holding will distract people from humidity affected Elvis hair-do!

The rain has finally stopped after two grueling days of walking dogs in the pouring rain. Yesterday, I had to take an early lunch so that I could go home and change out of my soaking wet clothes. I have a spare set of scrubs in my car, but I was so wet and cold and it was just a half hour before my lunch that I thought going home would be nicer.
But now it's looking like spring. It's damp from the rain, but the air is warming up.
My boxes of plants and seeds want OUT!

I finally got my privet hedges Monday. The original package I got was missing the hedges so I had to send an email...and, no questions asked, they sent my hedges right out. The rest of the stuff has just been sitting in the box. Surprisingly, the potted plants are still moist and alive, but I really should get them in the ground.
The hedges are just under 3 feet total, so maybe 2 feet once they're in the ground. Bare root twigs that I need to grow big and tall to block the neighbors. I have high hopes, though. I bought a Butterfly Bush from this company a couple years ago. It was basically a 2 inch twig that I forgot to plant right away. I didn't think it would grow at all, but the second year, once the roots established themselves, the thing is growing out of control! By the beginning of it's third was as tall as our house!! I am hoping for similar results with these hedges.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

goods and bads

I know that I have already posted an utterly boring post today, but it's Sunday and I don't know what else to do with myself today.
I am sad to say that I have had a mean thing happen to me. June of 2009, I was convo-ed through my etsy site about having some of my stuff sell in a brick & mortar shop in Maine. They also had a website they sold their consigned stuff through. It was a good deal. They waived shop fees if the items are under $10 retail and they had the standard 60/40 split. I checked out their site and blog and decided to send a few things. I put some time into packaging that I thought would be appropriate for a retail setting and sent a little package along. If everything sold, I would only get about $50 but it would be exposure in an actual store.
Then, I never heard another word. I emailed and she said nothing had sold through the summer, and that she could send my stuff back or keep it around for the holidays. I thought that taking it out of the store just before peak holiday shopping would be silly, if she was willing to keep it on her floors. But then I didn't hear from her. I sent an email in January asking for my stuff back, and she responded with a 'will do, thanks'.
Yet I still don't have my stuff!
My last resort was to send yet another email saying that I want either my items back or a check for the entire shipment. I have not heard back from her yet.
I am not sure what happened. I don't think she was scamming me. I am sure her life is busy, but it was such a small package of stuff (the smallest priority box) that I can't imagine what the hold up is.
First I was sad that my stuff wasn't selling. Now I am sad that all my hard work has been in vain. In the meantime, I have things expiring left and right in my shop and nothing new to list. And I am debating whether or not there's a point to even keeping the shop running. Maybe once the weather gets nicer I will feel more creative...but one never knows.

On the upside of today...I made a list and finished it. I love days when I feel like I have actually accomplished something. And today I did it all!
Bring on Monday!

When it rains, it poors

For once, it is not literally raining...but,'s ON!
We got a little cash gift from Hubby's mom. She has some sort of trust from her father's death, and to get out of paying taxes, she has been gifting money to Hubby and his brother for a few years. I think last year, she said would be the last of the money. But she randomly had some cash she wanted to give us, so we decided to use it for a much needed vacation instead of just using it for bills (BLAH! bills!). We haven't had a proper vacation in many years. Due to our moving to Nantucket, and then moving back here, we are still playing catch up. I do what I can to slowly chip away at what we owe, but we need to get some relaxation time in, and a trip for our wedding anniversary is a great way to remind ourselves that our lives are more than just working to pay the bills. comes the snowball of unexpecteds. We decided to book the trip now so that we would be done with it. Now we just sit back and look forward to November's getaway. Well, it's good we did so that I wouldn't be tempted to use the gift for stupid, un-fun bill paying. But now life is acting up again.
Hubby had to get his car inspected but failed due to his airbag light being on constantly. $600 later, it's fixed. This morning, I got up early as usual, and had planned to get the trash to the dump (since I've put it off ALL WEEK). At 8 a.m. there was still frost on my windows, so I started up the car to let her heat up while i loaded up the trash. I never let the car warm up because I don't like going out to start it just to come back in the warmth and then back into the cold. Plus I'm lazy and impatient. Well, after loading up the car, I get in to see my 'check engine' light has come on. It stayed on for the entire time I was running my errands this morning. Yuckk! The upside (if you can call it that) is that I drive an old (2000) Chevy Cavalier that has been very good to me. The most expensive 'repair' I've had for this car was when my back tire kept going flat due to a patch job that just wouldn't hold up, and I had to get new tires. The only reason it was as expensive as it was (and it was only $300 for all new tires!) was because instead of getting just 2 new tires, I had to get 4 because the losers who changed them previously gave me 2 different sizes! 3 of one size, 1 of another! That's really bad for you alignment and whatnot! I am also always pleased with 'my' mechanic. With the whole tire fiasco, they gave me a deal on the fourth tire. I think they felt bad for me. What I really like is that one day I was waiting for my car and a friend of mine walked in and I found out the owner of the garage was renting him a house. I love small community stuff like that!
Unfortunately, this all means that my lunch break Monday I will have to see if I can get my car in Wednesday. I have to drive my father around Thursday after work, so I really hope I can get it fixed by then. I guess I should be glad to have a bottom of the line type American made car that needs little in the way of mechanics. Crank windows and manual locks. I think the fuse box has about 6 fuses. I've had it for about 8 or so years, and bought it with about 50-60,000 miles on it. I've just passed the 110,000mile mark and I still really love this car. There's a bit of rust showing up since having a crappy garage replace the driver's side door after some stupid woman rammed into the side of me about 6 or 7 winters ago, but the rest of the body is in great shape. And I only paid $7000 for the thing! I always think about buying a new car, but then I think...I really like my car!
I guess life's not all bad!
Except that the fence is broken, my car is broken, and there are a whole slew of money-expending-type issues to deal with! the grocery store!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

how annoying are YOUR neighbors?

do they constantly bang big sticks against trees just to make noise?
do they feel that 10 p.m. is a good time to start punching the heavy bag they have tied to a tree right outside your bedroom window?
do they have a somewhat dim teen aged son who has access to a hatchet, bow & arrow, or paintball gun and makes you think you should lock your doors at all hours of the day?
do they let their 5 pound, black chihuahua run loose through the neighborhood...even at night when it is virtually invisible?
did they decide they should also get a pit bull to let loose in the neighborhood?
do they randomly yell at passing cars as they sit on their deck drinking Budweisers because they have to make noise ALL THE TIME?
did they decide it was time to cut down all the trees that lend any sort of privacy over the fence?
and here's the big question...
did they not take any precautions when cutting down the tallest tree even though they new it was 'top heavy'?
did that tree end up breaking your fence and scraping the side of your house?
did you just meet them after 5 years of living next door because they are to stupid to tie some rope around the tree to keep it from falling into your yard?

well...that is how annoying MY neighbors are. i really wish they would move. now instead of me feeling awkward because they can see over my fence and i hate them (really,'s their inconsiderate creepy children i hate...); it will be awkward that they can see over my fence and we have actually spoken to each other. will it be Buds and bbq's with the McCoys (same hate, different reasons) all summer long? i wish i could afford to have a full-grown privet hedge put in right now!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

more spring and my birthday

We had some really beautiful weather to start Spring off with a sunny BANG. The out-of-control butterfly bush in my front yard has cute new green buds popping all over it. The transplanted hydrangea by the shed also has buds all over it. I love this little's a part-shade plant that the previous owner of this house planted in the front yard. Our front yard is ALWAYS in sun. It never bloomed and was always drooping. Once we moved it to the back yard, it doubled in size and even bloomed last year!

We let the cat out for a bit, too. (He has no claws so he is an indoor cat.) He and Moxie could smell the bunny family from last year, I think.

Monday was SO busy at the animal hospital. I basically got home, ate dinner, and went to bed.
Tuesday was my birthday. Another long day at work, but for the opposite reason...BO-ring. Hubby had our friend who owns the bakery make me a chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting and peanut butter mousse between the layers! yum! All my friends sent me facebook birthday wishes. The one from her (the baker) said, 'hope you like the cake. it wasn't my idea.' I wasn't sure what it meant, because I actually saw it before i saw the cake.
It was very cute, but definitely only a cake for a person who works as a dog walker!
(The 'poop' got smooshed when hubby closed the box, but you get the idea.)
It was a wash of a birthday because of work, but a friend of mine is having a birthday Friday, so we are having a combo birthday celebration this Saturday.

And the Vegas trip has officially been booked. We will be staying at the Flamingo. Bugsy Seigel's hotel. I'm planning on wearing rat pack era inspired clothes the whole time. (not sure that is how it will play out, since I hate bringing more than one carry on for luggage.) Our friends who were there for our wedding 10 years ago are looking into coming out for some time while we're there, so that would be extra fun.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gardening Itch

I realize I just posted last night, but now it is a new day. Sunday, to be exact, and I have the day off. Waiting for Hubby to get up, though he has been sick the past couple of days, so I'm not sure when that will be today.
I am just about finished with the half pot of deep dark coffee that I brewed this morning. Third cup, as I type. Man, I love coffee!


I'm looking outside at the sun shining over our yard. I've been looking at the pics in my computer and came across last summer's shots. My garden was green and full and beautiful and I am getting very impatient to get going on this year's beds!
I have been, for the past few years, been ordering a few plants each spring from a mail order plant company. It's called Spring Hill Nursery. It's in Ohio. I also get catalogues from Michigan Bulb Co. which I think they are affiliated with. And also Breck's. I have only ordered from Spring Hill, however. At any rate, I got my package last week. I ordered a few Shasta Daisies because I have already had much success with them in my yard. They spread like mad and need little care, as far as I can tell. I also got an 'ever blooming perennial garden' for the spot next to my veg beds. This was the spot that we have picked for our 'wildflower' garden. Basically, we had grass put in the rest of the yard, and neither of us really wanted the little patch of lawn there, so we thought of just filling it with flowers to cut down on lawn maintenance. So far, I'm still waiting for results. Last spring/summer I planted a bunch of stuff that should actually have established itself to come in full force this spring. To be honest...I can't remember exactly what's out there, except some liatrus.
I also ordered some privet hedges to put in by the fence by our 'annoying' neighbors. They weren't in the box! Sad! I emailed the company, they sent an email apologizing for the missing plants and are sending my hedges. I really hope they grow.
We currently have a 6' privacy fence separating the yards, but we also live on a bit of a hill so, our yard is a good couple of feet higher than the fence! And their deck, when we are sitting in our yard, is about at the level of the top of our it's pretty useless as far as offering any sort of privacy. They are loud, and have no consideration for us or their other neighbors. Their children run through yards, so i am glad for the fence we do have, but they also stand right next to the fence and bark at our dog when she's over there 'doing her business'. Only one of the three kids is young enough for such behavior...and she is the least offensive. The other two are teen aged boys. The 'father' is not much better, and he has just re-appeared after being gone suddenly for months. (We suspect he was in jail) These people are the worst part of our house. I am hoping a privacy hedge will block their noises, at least a little, and keep us from having to see them from our yard. Oh, what heaven to sit in my back yard without the neighbors eyes staring over the fence! I am planning on putting them where I planted (last year) my bamboo. Which I will now have to move. I hope I can transplant it to the back corner where my iron bench, bird bath, and over-grown rock garden have been sitting and waiting to be loved. I could make a lovely tranquil sitting area where I could listen to the wind through the bamboo leaves...ahhh! I just hope I don't kill it in transport!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What...a...week! (boring post!)

I am exhausted! After my usual Monday-Tuesday job (11 hour days each), I worked my early morning, 'half day' job Wednesday and Thursday, but also picked up another 11 hour day at the 'hospital' on Friday, and have finished out the week with another 'half day' at the grocery store. Phew!
Thrown in there was an early dinner and drinks with my old co-worker on Wednesday, and a little grocery shopping today after work. All the 'mundane' aside, I have definitely realized I have the perfect combination of jobs right now. That third day at the hospital was rough! Every cage full, and it was go-go-go. BUT...also in the mix were two 7 week old dachshund puppies that a co-worker had recently gotten. Taking 25 minutes out of a busy day to play with two adorable puppies?? How could it be a bad day?
Well, puppies aside, I got 'injured'. Not badly, really, but OMG! did it hurt. Without giving any details, since I'm sure there's some sort of client confidentiality I wouldn't want to dishonor, I'll just say that I was getting a large breed dog out of his cage. He had been there all day, and not too quick with any of his movements. Time to go home, he must've known, because I wasn't ready for him to move so 'quickly' (still fairly slowly, but quicker than earlier). His sudden movement, and me being closer to the wall than I had thought, led to a pretty rough hit to the door jam and a very painful bruise on the back of my arm. It hurt so bad, that I thought I had bruised my back as well. The new door jams are very sharp, as they are now made of mildew resistant 'wood'.
Oh well...nothing a meat lovers pizza from the local pizzeria, and a glass of wine can't remedy!

We've been battling some sort of head cold thing here at our house. Others I've talked to are going through a stomach virus, and I really hope we don't pick that one up!

Hubby had to take his car in to take care of the airbag light that stays on. Found out the grand total will be around $600! This after finding out we're getting a nice chunk of change from our federal taxes, but paying about $450 to the state for not being able to pay for health insurance for most of the year! Nice scheme, Massachusetts! Anyway, I'm not sure how this will affect our hot tub plans!?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day?

It's also my dad's birthday, and I did actually remember to call him!
I went out for drinks and a light dinner with an old co-worker/friend tonight. It was nice, as I told her, that the days are longer as I would not have been so likely to leave the house if there hadn't still been so much daylight. Two Manhattans, a falafal plate, and a tiramisu later, I was feeling good about a nice night out with a friend.
Now, being home and checking in on the interwebs, I am somehow reminded of an old job I had. I once worked at a children's' discount bookstore. We did a lot of children's themed 'parties' including birthday parties and holiday sale parties. Often I, as assistant manager, was in charge of things like games and party favors. I remember St. Patrick's Day in particular because there aren't a lot of games with that theme. My boss told me to have a game ready. So, I did some research, I'm not really sure how, since it was way before the constant access to the Internet...I must've gone to the library!! I found out that St. Patrick (and this is just memory...not specifics) banished snakes from Ireland. So...I made a game that I was so proud of I still think about it. I covered a box with paper and cut a hole in the center. Then I made 'snakes' out of paper. I used the technique of folding a couple pieces of paper over each other making a sort of spring. The object: spring the snakes into the hole (and thus 'out of Ireland').
It was a hit and it was hilarious. (Not bad for a girl who doesn't 'mesh' with children, eh!?)

Now Hubby's asking what I want for my birthday...what do I want to do. Well, I can honestly say, I don't NEED anything. And, I'll be working all week so I don't really want to DO anything. It's just another day...I've made it to that point. HOWEVER, I want cake. In some form, I must have cake on my birthday!
Today, I got the package from the in-laws. Probably a sweater and a check, but it is always something nice that I would've otherwise not gotten for myself. (I love my in-laws!)

No other news except to say:
1. I worked out today, but also had a cupcake and two drinks.
2. I am feeling ill off and on, but mostly just some nasal congestion for now.
3. Our taxes are done and we are paying some but getting some back so we're coming out 'ahead'. Looks like we'll be hot tub shopping soon.
4. I think we're officially booking our Vegas trip this weekend...decisions must be made.
5. Every time I get an Etsy email or read about someone else's shop, I feel guilty about doing nothing with my shop for the past month or so.
6. I measured for my garden fence and basement baseboards, so I should make a trip to Home Depot soon and start some Spring projects.
7. I got a package of plants (mail ordered), but they didn't send the privet hedges...the part of the order I really want (hating my neighbors, ugh!)
8. Luckily I get up early enough to know that there is still frost happening so I am not tempted to plant anything yet!

No Survivor this week... :(

Sunday, March 14, 2010

fish: out of water; drinking like a

Another long week has ended. Last week ended with a gorgeous spring-like, sunny weekend. This week...well, it was rainy and windy all day yesterday and is still going strong today. I am expecting more dead tree branches will end up in the yard by the end of the day.
For this weekend's entertainment, we did something way out of my comfort zone. I worked until noon, and Hubby picked me up. We have a few friends in bands out here. One of the bands is The Elbows. They play kids music. The first time we went to support them was when they played in the gazebo in our town green. It was crowded with kids but we ran into some people we weren't expecting to see...and it was fun. Yesterday, they were playing at one of the small restaurant/bars near where I work. We decided to go early to grab a table so we could eat, and just sit back and listen to the silly music. When we got there, we saw all the tables had been reserved and one of our other friends was seated at the bar. Apparently, it was coincidentally the birthday of Charlotte, the daughter of Brett & Emma (guitarist & bass player). They ended up packing in tons of tiny people. The girl at the bar asked what we'd like to drink so I said, 'Would it be terribly weird if I got a beer?' She laughed and said, 'No, I already served quite a few!' Many of our friends had shocked looks on their faces when they walked in to see us there. We are the group's anti-child couple. I think we're the only married couple without kids, but we are also the only ones who just don't get the kid thing. I just don't even like having them around me. At one point, someone walked by and I caught a whiff of that diaper smell...not a dirty diaper, but that smell they have. I spun around on my bar stool, covered my nose a little, and stared at the wall a bit. After the first set, and the band took a break to bring out the cake, several of the children got bored or tired or whatever and there was a chorus of screaming and crying and we paid our bill and got the hell outta Dodge!

It wasn't all bad. Of course, it is nice to see friends since I don't go out with them nearly as much as Hubby does. AND, while sitting at the bar, I spied an interesting looking bottle with and octopus on the label. It said, 'KRAKEN' and I could see it was a dark rum. Interesting. I LOVE dark & stormys when they are made right, and this very dark rum looked like it would make a great drink.
Since we left as cake was being passed around, and I had had 2 beers with lunch, I wanted cake. Hubby wanted a glass of bourbon since the weather was being so fierce. The plan: he goes to the liquor store for bourbon; I go to the bakery for cupcakes.
Well, he also got me an early birthday present. A bottle of the new rum to try, and two bottles of kick-ass ginger beer.

So I pretty much drank from the minute I left work until going to bed. (Terrible, I know!)
He made a corned beef, which he then turned into a Reuben Pizza (so good!). We never ate the cupcakes, though. We watched a stupid movie that made fun of the world poker tour, basically (the Grand, it was called).

Today it is still raining, but I bought some seeds while out with my sister the other day, so maybe I will head out to the shed to get some seeds going. Last year, other than a couple plants I bought at the garden store, I just planted my garden from seeds sowed directly. And I had great results, so I'm not sure if I want to bother with the extra step.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

why I'm learing to love my new job

1. Although I have to get up at 5a.m. to drive 25 minutes to work, I only work 6 hour shifts and am home by 12:30.
2. It's a grocery store where I get a discount. So, if I am in the mood for something special for lunch, I can just grab it on my way out the door! Today I was thinking about that is what I had!
3. We've had several days of beautiful weather with the whisper of 'spring' in the air. Today, after watching bunches and bunches of tulips and daffodils go home with others, I decided to buy myself some flowers to brightened up this grey day that we are now experiencing.

And then there's this cutie that I get to come home to and enjoy the rest of the day...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A lovely way to end the week

The work-week ended with an extra long shift. A whopping SEVEN HOURS...phew! I guess Saturday is the most popular grocery shopping day of the week. Even if it is the first sunny, semi-warm day a place gets after a week of rain and snow. shopping...that's what I'd choose to do!
Well, in fact, when my shift ended, I did do a bit of shopping. Here's the problem with working this's actually a two part problem: first off, I have to watch all of this food go by as I ring in everyones purchases. Crackers, cookies, exotic cheeses, beautiful fruits and nuts. And secondly, after seeing all of this food...well, I'm already there! All I have to do is grab some stuff before I head out the door to go home.
So, yesterday being Saturday, the last day of work and the beginning of my uninterrupted (usually) time with Hubby, I thought, 'wine and cheese!' Finally seeing the sun and knowing it was rather nice outside compared to the 30 degree range, the snow and the rain for a constant week, made me want a nice romantic lazy evening. I wanted it to be somewhat of a surprise, so I rang him and asked if he needed anything and that I was picking up a few things for myself. He was still at the beach and didn't answer, so I spent a fair amount of time contemplating cheese. I settled on the Dubliner (Irish Cheddar) that I know he likes, and grabbed a Pinot Grigio Salami while's a little peppery, slightly greasy, and totally delicious! Over to the produce, I, of course, picked some grapes, a pear, and an apple. I have recently tried a new kind of apple, Pink Lady. It's more sweet than my favorite Granny Smith, but it still has the firm texture I need in fruit. It paired nicely with the cheese. So on my way out, I wondered through the frozen section for a look at the quick and easy appetizers and remembered this tart we love. It's basically a flatbread pizza (sans sauce) with ham, caramelized onions, and Gruyere cheese. It takes 8 or so minutes in a 475 degree oven and it's done and fabulous. It also went well with the rest of the spread.
Then, the problem arose. The wine. I am terrible at picking a wine. I know the stuff we usually get, but past that I've no idea. So, I get to my store of choice (our local market that also sells alcohol) and see not one label that looks familiar. I called Hubby. I wanted it to be a surprise, but I didn't want to get home without wine and have to go back out anyway. 'Where ARE you?' he asks when I called. Of course, I tell him the story, we figure a solution and I go home.
In the end, we decided to go back out for a few other odds and ends we needed, and settled on a bottle of Pinot Grigio, since the warmer weather had me craving a white wine this weekend.
It was really lovely. (Oh, I had also picked up a nice box of chocolates at work. A great light dinner for around $15! I love it!)

Today we are hoping to see Alice in Wonderland. I hate crowded theatres, but we are going with a friend so I have to be on my best behavior and not pout!
I think I'm back on the workout horse, finally. Trying to get in shape for summer, but also our trip. We have both asked for the time off in November and so have started looking into our trip to Las Vegas. There are some pretty good deals out there. This time we (I) want to do it right. Our first trip out, we stayed off the strip, in a time share type place. It was actually a really nice place, and kind of like having an apartment there. It was two bedroom/two bath, with a living room and kitchen and tiny balcony. Separate entrance...really, like an apartment. We had invited our friends from Sacramento to join us with the deal that they pay their air fair and stuff, but they stay with us for free. It was a great time. I really tried not to spend too much money on the wedding for two reasons.
1. I had been trying to plan our 'normal' wedding and was overwhelmed by the details and how they kept adding to the total bill.
2. I wanted to see how inexpensive a wedding could be.
So, I went through the phone book at our place once we got to Vegas and picked a chapel. I was SO happy with The Little Old Chapel of the West. It was pretty much at the beginning of the Strip and had the feel of Vegas without all the bling. I wanted a single flower, to keep the cost down, but also because I like the look of one flower. The woman misunderstood, I think, so I got a bouquet of Irises. I loved it. (They probably didn't have just ONE FLOWER anyway.) I said no to videos, pictures, and extras; but, I thought there should be some music so I okay-ed a live piano.
Who knows what we'll decide this year? We're still figuring out where to stay and what to do. I want to see a show. An entertainer of some sort. I want to go to the wax museum, maybe go up the Eiffel Tower? Jason, of course, needs to go to the art museum at the Bellagio, and we are thinking about the Shark tank/Aquarium at Mandalay Bay (we try to hit the aquarium whenever/wherever we go). I think it will be fun. And of course there will be gambling!
Which brings me to MY two personal favorites so far for the place to stay. They're up there with the bargains concerning lodging, and they SCREAM rat-pack era Vegas (to me).
One is the Flamingo. I mean, Bugsy Siegel! How could you get more 'Vegas'? It's that early Vegas cheese that one should probably experience if you're going to take the trip, right? The rooms look nice, there's entertainment,'s a possibility.
The other just caught my eye on the name alone. Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon! Sure, it sounds kind of scary, especially if you've ever had to go into the sketchy end of the Las Vegas Strip. (Which we get our marriage license. We were glad there were 4 of us together and that it was early morning. When the sun goes down in Vegas, you understand the neon lights!)
But the GOOD's not where you would expect a hotel with such a name to be! It's actually right in the center, and it wasn't familiar to us because it has replaced another casino. The best part is that some of the rooms have views of Paris Las Vegas, and so the Eiffel Tower! It would be like waking up in Paris, to see that each morning. (Okay, Probably not, but what a view!)
Though, as I said, the room isn't all that important since our main goal this trip is to unwind and have fun. Who knows when we'll go again? We want to do all the things we missed last time. We saw all the free stuff last trip and now we want to 'experience' Las Vegas.
Can you tell I am excited to go? I think the combination of it being our first vacation in many years, it's our 10th wedding anniversary, and I have already asked for the time off I am just eager to go.
But I still want Spring/Summer and all the plans I have for it to get here, too!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More of the same

It's still snowing or raining or some combination of the two. It's the kind of weather that makes me want to do nothing. So it's not a huge motivator. But today, I worked out after work! I drove one of my co-workers home because he is without a car after having it reposessed when he lost his higher paying job. Sad story, nice boy...glad to be of service.
Then I had lunch and watched tv. I finished the book I was reading last night and also finished my online course (100% on my final exam, thank you very much!) so I pretty much just felt like doing nothing all day. Then I decided to do SOMETHING, so I worked out for about a half hour. It wasn't a high intensity type workout, but my jobs are pretty physically demanding most of the time.
I am looking forward to Sunday again. It is funny how before, my days off were my errand days...spent doing all the things I couldn't do the rest of the week because I was AT work. Now, because of my schedule, I am more likely to do errands on my work days and so have no guilty feelings about just spending a nice relaxing day with Hubby at the end of the week. I was hoping my new schedule would be a chance for me to spend more time planning meals and cooking, but I've come to realise that I don't really like cooking and our meal 'planning' system has worked for so long, why mess with a good thing, right?!
Since falling into a regular schedule at my new job, I am feeling almost no stress. I have even already put in for time off for Thanksgiving week this year! We are planning our 10th wedding anniversary trip to Las Vegas and I already know I'm getting the time off, so I am less stressed about it and the excitement of taking a vacation (the first in many years) is taking over.
Things are good. I'm feeling happy again!
But I really need to figure out if I want to be in my studio...I just never feel creative. Maybe that ship has sailed?