Sunday, March 7, 2010

A lovely way to end the week

The work-week ended with an extra long shift. A whopping SEVEN HOURS...phew! I guess Saturday is the most popular grocery shopping day of the week. Even if it is the first sunny, semi-warm day a place gets after a week of rain and snow. shopping...that's what I'd choose to do!
Well, in fact, when my shift ended, I did do a bit of shopping. Here's the problem with working this's actually a two part problem: first off, I have to watch all of this food go by as I ring in everyones purchases. Crackers, cookies, exotic cheeses, beautiful fruits and nuts. And secondly, after seeing all of this food...well, I'm already there! All I have to do is grab some stuff before I head out the door to go home.
So, yesterday being Saturday, the last day of work and the beginning of my uninterrupted (usually) time with Hubby, I thought, 'wine and cheese!' Finally seeing the sun and knowing it was rather nice outside compared to the 30 degree range, the snow and the rain for a constant week, made me want a nice romantic lazy evening. I wanted it to be somewhat of a surprise, so I rang him and asked if he needed anything and that I was picking up a few things for myself. He was still at the beach and didn't answer, so I spent a fair amount of time contemplating cheese. I settled on the Dubliner (Irish Cheddar) that I know he likes, and grabbed a Pinot Grigio Salami while's a little peppery, slightly greasy, and totally delicious! Over to the produce, I, of course, picked some grapes, a pear, and an apple. I have recently tried a new kind of apple, Pink Lady. It's more sweet than my favorite Granny Smith, but it still has the firm texture I need in fruit. It paired nicely with the cheese. So on my way out, I wondered through the frozen section for a look at the quick and easy appetizers and remembered this tart we love. It's basically a flatbread pizza (sans sauce) with ham, caramelized onions, and Gruyere cheese. It takes 8 or so minutes in a 475 degree oven and it's done and fabulous. It also went well with the rest of the spread.
Then, the problem arose. The wine. I am terrible at picking a wine. I know the stuff we usually get, but past that I've no idea. So, I get to my store of choice (our local market that also sells alcohol) and see not one label that looks familiar. I called Hubby. I wanted it to be a surprise, but I didn't want to get home without wine and have to go back out anyway. 'Where ARE you?' he asks when I called. Of course, I tell him the story, we figure a solution and I go home.
In the end, we decided to go back out for a few other odds and ends we needed, and settled on a bottle of Pinot Grigio, since the warmer weather had me craving a white wine this weekend.
It was really lovely. (Oh, I had also picked up a nice box of chocolates at work. A great light dinner for around $15! I love it!)

Today we are hoping to see Alice in Wonderland. I hate crowded theatres, but we are going with a friend so I have to be on my best behavior and not pout!
I think I'm back on the workout horse, finally. Trying to get in shape for summer, but also our trip. We have both asked for the time off in November and so have started looking into our trip to Las Vegas. There are some pretty good deals out there. This time we (I) want to do it right. Our first trip out, we stayed off the strip, in a time share type place. It was actually a really nice place, and kind of like having an apartment there. It was two bedroom/two bath, with a living room and kitchen and tiny balcony. Separate entrance...really, like an apartment. We had invited our friends from Sacramento to join us with the deal that they pay their air fair and stuff, but they stay with us for free. It was a great time. I really tried not to spend too much money on the wedding for two reasons.
1. I had been trying to plan our 'normal' wedding and was overwhelmed by the details and how they kept adding to the total bill.
2. I wanted to see how inexpensive a wedding could be.
So, I went through the phone book at our place once we got to Vegas and picked a chapel. I was SO happy with The Little Old Chapel of the West. It was pretty much at the beginning of the Strip and had the feel of Vegas without all the bling. I wanted a single flower, to keep the cost down, but also because I like the look of one flower. The woman misunderstood, I think, so I got a bouquet of Irises. I loved it. (They probably didn't have just ONE FLOWER anyway.) I said no to videos, pictures, and extras; but, I thought there should be some music so I okay-ed a live piano.
Who knows what we'll decide this year? We're still figuring out where to stay and what to do. I want to see a show. An entertainer of some sort. I want to go to the wax museum, maybe go up the Eiffel Tower? Jason, of course, needs to go to the art museum at the Bellagio, and we are thinking about the Shark tank/Aquarium at Mandalay Bay (we try to hit the aquarium whenever/wherever we go). I think it will be fun. And of course there will be gambling!
Which brings me to MY two personal favorites so far for the place to stay. They're up there with the bargains concerning lodging, and they SCREAM rat-pack era Vegas (to me).
One is the Flamingo. I mean, Bugsy Siegel! How could you get more 'Vegas'? It's that early Vegas cheese that one should probably experience if you're going to take the trip, right? The rooms look nice, there's entertainment,'s a possibility.
The other just caught my eye on the name alone. Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon! Sure, it sounds kind of scary, especially if you've ever had to go into the sketchy end of the Las Vegas Strip. (Which we get our marriage license. We were glad there were 4 of us together and that it was early morning. When the sun goes down in Vegas, you understand the neon lights!)
But the GOOD's not where you would expect a hotel with such a name to be! It's actually right in the center, and it wasn't familiar to us because it has replaced another casino. The best part is that some of the rooms have views of Paris Las Vegas, and so the Eiffel Tower! It would be like waking up in Paris, to see that each morning. (Okay, Probably not, but what a view!)
Though, as I said, the room isn't all that important since our main goal this trip is to unwind and have fun. Who knows when we'll go again? We want to do all the things we missed last time. We saw all the free stuff last trip and now we want to 'experience' Las Vegas.
Can you tell I am excited to go? I think the combination of it being our first vacation in many years, it's our 10th wedding anniversary, and I have already asked for the time off I am just eager to go.
But I still want Spring/Summer and all the plans I have for it to get here, too!


  1. Wow! You're becoming quite the traveler, huh? *^_^* I'm jealous!

  2. i don't know if one trip to vegas with our last trip being a weekend in ohio two years ago really makes me a 'traveler', but with all the themes in vegas, i suppose i could pretend!