Saturday, March 20, 2010

What...a...week! (boring post!)

I am exhausted! After my usual Monday-Tuesday job (11 hour days each), I worked my early morning, 'half day' job Wednesday and Thursday, but also picked up another 11 hour day at the 'hospital' on Friday, and have finished out the week with another 'half day' at the grocery store. Phew!
Thrown in there was an early dinner and drinks with my old co-worker on Wednesday, and a little grocery shopping today after work. All the 'mundane' aside, I have definitely realized I have the perfect combination of jobs right now. That third day at the hospital was rough! Every cage full, and it was go-go-go. BUT...also in the mix were two 7 week old dachshund puppies that a co-worker had recently gotten. Taking 25 minutes out of a busy day to play with two adorable puppies?? How could it be a bad day?
Well, puppies aside, I got 'injured'. Not badly, really, but OMG! did it hurt. Without giving any details, since I'm sure there's some sort of client confidentiality I wouldn't want to dishonor, I'll just say that I was getting a large breed dog out of his cage. He had been there all day, and not too quick with any of his movements. Time to go home, he must've known, because I wasn't ready for him to move so 'quickly' (still fairly slowly, but quicker than earlier). His sudden movement, and me being closer to the wall than I had thought, led to a pretty rough hit to the door jam and a very painful bruise on the back of my arm. It hurt so bad, that I thought I had bruised my back as well. The new door jams are very sharp, as they are now made of mildew resistant 'wood'.
Oh well...nothing a meat lovers pizza from the local pizzeria, and a glass of wine can't remedy!

We've been battling some sort of head cold thing here at our house. Others I've talked to are going through a stomach virus, and I really hope we don't pick that one up!

Hubby had to take his car in to take care of the airbag light that stays on. Found out the grand total will be around $600! This after finding out we're getting a nice chunk of change from our federal taxes, but paying about $450 to the state for not being able to pay for health insurance for most of the year! Nice scheme, Massachusetts! Anyway, I'm not sure how this will affect our hot tub plans!?

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  1. That sucks about the taxes/hot tub/fast animal. But yeah, some pizza and beer should fix it. Have fun!