Sunday, March 14, 2010

fish: out of water; drinking like a

Another long week has ended. Last week ended with a gorgeous spring-like, sunny weekend. This week...well, it was rainy and windy all day yesterday and is still going strong today. I am expecting more dead tree branches will end up in the yard by the end of the day.
For this weekend's entertainment, we did something way out of my comfort zone. I worked until noon, and Hubby picked me up. We have a few friends in bands out here. One of the bands is The Elbows. They play kids music. The first time we went to support them was when they played in the gazebo in our town green. It was crowded with kids but we ran into some people we weren't expecting to see...and it was fun. Yesterday, they were playing at one of the small restaurant/bars near where I work. We decided to go early to grab a table so we could eat, and just sit back and listen to the silly music. When we got there, we saw all the tables had been reserved and one of our other friends was seated at the bar. Apparently, it was coincidentally the birthday of Charlotte, the daughter of Brett & Emma (guitarist & bass player). They ended up packing in tons of tiny people. The girl at the bar asked what we'd like to drink so I said, 'Would it be terribly weird if I got a beer?' She laughed and said, 'No, I already served quite a few!' Many of our friends had shocked looks on their faces when they walked in to see us there. We are the group's anti-child couple. I think we're the only married couple without kids, but we are also the only ones who just don't get the kid thing. I just don't even like having them around me. At one point, someone walked by and I caught a whiff of that diaper smell...not a dirty diaper, but that smell they have. I spun around on my bar stool, covered my nose a little, and stared at the wall a bit. After the first set, and the band took a break to bring out the cake, several of the children got bored or tired or whatever and there was a chorus of screaming and crying and we paid our bill and got the hell outta Dodge!

It wasn't all bad. Of course, it is nice to see friends since I don't go out with them nearly as much as Hubby does. AND, while sitting at the bar, I spied an interesting looking bottle with and octopus on the label. It said, 'KRAKEN' and I could see it was a dark rum. Interesting. I LOVE dark & stormys when they are made right, and this very dark rum looked like it would make a great drink.
Since we left as cake was being passed around, and I had had 2 beers with lunch, I wanted cake. Hubby wanted a glass of bourbon since the weather was being so fierce. The plan: he goes to the liquor store for bourbon; I go to the bakery for cupcakes.
Well, he also got me an early birthday present. A bottle of the new rum to try, and two bottles of kick-ass ginger beer.

So I pretty much drank from the minute I left work until going to bed. (Terrible, I know!)
He made a corned beef, which he then turned into a Reuben Pizza (so good!). We never ate the cupcakes, though. We watched a stupid movie that made fun of the world poker tour, basically (the Grand, it was called).

Today it is still raining, but I bought some seeds while out with my sister the other day, so maybe I will head out to the shed to get some seeds going. Last year, other than a couple plants I bought at the garden store, I just planted my garden from seeds sowed directly. And I had great results, so I'm not sure if I want to bother with the extra step.


  1. Steph and I probably ruined the whole "kid" thing for you. If you hadn't had to raise us instead of living a normal, teenage life, who knows what would have happened?
    Glad you enjoyed your drinks and pizza! *^_^*
    Good luck with the seeds; not much outdoor wirk today, huh?

  2. Such a relief to read of another married couple who is not into the kid thing! I love them. I really do. My niece and nephews are the best- as for me, no thanks. Not now, anyway...but I have been saying that for years and this year will be our 10th anniversary!

  3. haha i love your way with words when describing the baby smell. GREAT! the wedges on my blog are a size 5. i have small feet. the illustration on the rum is beautiful!