Wednesday, March 31, 2010

some girls have all the luck

I guess, today, that girl is me!
My car has been having issues with the temperature gauge. Not anything bad, really, just that the temp goes up or down when I use the vents or defrost. But, not a lot...just a bit. Well, Sunday, my check engine light came on and I figured I had put off having it checked out for as long as I could.
Today, I was bringing it in after work. I had mentioned it to a co-worker and she said, 'have you put gas in recently?' I said, 'yes, but there's the temp issue and it's probably that.' She said that she had taken her car in to find out that the light came on because she didn't put the gas cap on tightly. I am pretty good about making sure it's tight.
20 minutes after dropping my car off...'your gas cap wasn't on tight.' REALLY!?
So I walked back from the coffee shop, paid my $20 and asked about the temperature thing.
Nothing came up on the computer, don't worry about it.
So, after the $600 repair to Hubby's car last week, I'm pretty psyched (although, slightly embarrassed) that it was just a $20 fix!
I have been dreading this week because of all the extra stuff I had to do. But the car thing didn't take as long as I thought. Tomorrow is the Dad errand, but after talking to him, he just needs to go to the doctor...nothing extra, so that will be quick. Friday is free now, although I thought I was going to have to go back to the mechanic, so that's a pleasant surprise/bonus. So all of that will offset the fact that I have been asked to work at 5a.m. the rest of the week instead of 6. I can't believe how much I look forward to Sundays now. And it's not because I don't like my jobs, because I actually do, it's just because I like having that one day to stay in my jammies as long as i like!

Next week I am hoping to get my hair cut. I had to have my picture taken for my vet job, so that they could add me to the staff page on the website...hopefully the cat I am holding will distract people from humidity affected Elvis hair-do!

The rain has finally stopped after two grueling days of walking dogs in the pouring rain. Yesterday, I had to take an early lunch so that I could go home and change out of my soaking wet clothes. I have a spare set of scrubs in my car, but I was so wet and cold and it was just a half hour before my lunch that I thought going home would be nicer.
But now it's looking like spring. It's damp from the rain, but the air is warming up.
My boxes of plants and seeds want OUT!

I finally got my privet hedges Monday. The original package I got was missing the hedges so I had to send an email...and, no questions asked, they sent my hedges right out. The rest of the stuff has just been sitting in the box. Surprisingly, the potted plants are still moist and alive, but I really should get them in the ground.
The hedges are just under 3 feet total, so maybe 2 feet once they're in the ground. Bare root twigs that I need to grow big and tall to block the neighbors. I have high hopes, though. I bought a Butterfly Bush from this company a couple years ago. It was basically a 2 inch twig that I forgot to plant right away. I didn't think it would grow at all, but the second year, once the roots established themselves, the thing is growing out of control! By the beginning of it's third was as tall as our house!! I am hoping for similar results with these hedges.

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  1. Gee! Had I known that you didn't know about the gas cap thing, I'd have said something. I'm glad that's all it was! *^_^*
    Yea plants!