Saturday, April 3, 2010

life, in general

Tomorrow is the day off, again. It is amazing how much different my life has become just in the past couple of months. I mean, not drastic changes like moving or welcoming in new family members, but different. My new job and schedule have put me back into a 'good place'. My mood has been a happy one more often than not...which is the opposite of the direction my life was headed before quitting my coffee shop job. It's such a great feeling to be happy.
When we lived on Nantucket, I loved my job, but hated our place. I hated thinking about owning a house, but having to rent a crappy apartment subsidised by Hubby's job. It made me even more sick to think that if we weren't getting 'a break' on the rent, it would've been close to our mortgage payment back home! So I always said, 'if i could have the Nantucket job on the Cape with our house, I think I would be happy.' Seems I was pretty much right. My vet job is not exactly my 'Nantucket job', but it is the same idea...and I still love it. The best part is that I can do it part-time while working another part time job. I am notorious for working a job for a year or so and then just needing to leave for no other reason than I just don't want to be at that job anymore. With 2 part time jobs, I'm never at one long enough to truly hate it. Even working 6 days a week is working out. I think having 2 days off was too much...I got lazy and then hated going back to work even more!
Who cares, I know...I am just finishing up my 6 day of work, looking forward to my day off with Hubby and looking back on the week. I've been trying really hard to not just come home at noon to sit and watch tv. This week I had to take Dad to a doctor's appointment one day, so I didn't have the opportunity to laze about. Wednesday and Friday, I made sure to work out for an hour, even though I really didn't want to or feel I had the energy to. Of course, I felt great afterwards, so I was glad that I did it. Today we went to Lowe's to pick up some fencing for my vegetable beds. I am hoping to get that in the ground tomorrow (and get pics). I also picked up some Basil seeds (two kinds) since I realized I hadn't gotten any. I think I may start some indoor seeds tomorrow, too. While we were there, we saw these cute garden kits. I am a SUCKER for packaging and this was the cutest thing ever. I haven't tried, and wasn't really planning on trying, to grow potatoes, onions, or garlic or any root type plants. I am a lazy, uneducated gardener who needs to SEE when stuff is ready...a snow pea, a bean, a tomato...actual fruit you just pick when it's ready. This stuff that grows underground is too confusing for me. But...the packaging! It was a little 'apple basket' (the kind of tote they used to sell apples in at farm stands) with potato 'seeds', garlic, onion, and some strawberry plants. Well, okay, I'll give it a shot. So tomorrow, I will also be finding a plot for my new plants.
I am using this up-coming week to start my compost bins and 'make' my rain barrel (trash bin with a hole cut in the lid with screen over the hole to sift our debris).
I am also taking an extra day off this week for myself. Yes, I know, I just said maybe 2 days off was too much for me, but once in awhile it might be nice (someone else wanted to pick up some hours, and I've been getting some extra here and there so I gave her my Friday shift). Plus it will be a 'me' day. I am getting my hair cut, I will probably watch a stupid movie if the weather's bad or play in the yard if it's nice. At least next week, if the weather is nice, I can enjoy my yard because the neighbors will be back in school!
So I will post tomorrow with any interesting (or maybe not so interesting) pictures.
There's no real point to this post except that I am hoping to get some yard stuff done tomorrow, and if I don't say so, I may tried to back out of it!!

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  1. I really hate my 6 day week! I long for 2 days off all the time! You are right though, it does keep you from being lazy because you have to cram everything into the one day off!