Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday: morning

Although I just posted a blog last night, I am doing it again. Today will be pretty full if we do all the things we are hoping to do. Already, I don't have high hopes of getting out to the coffee shop before they close at noon, but I have been making a habit of having several cups before leaving the house, then deciding not to get coffee for our walk. It is the only day I get to see our friends, though, so it's a nice social part of my week.
Anyway...yard work, yard work, yard work. Hubby was kind enough to take the leaves to the dump himself while I was at work yesterday. We had planned on going to the big home improvement store for the fencing I had passed on last year, but needed to get rid of the leaves so we could finish bagging what's still all over the yard. So he actually did it while I was at's not an easy job, emptying those contractor bags full of leaves because I really pack 'em in there!! Next trip I want to go with him, though, so I can fill up a bucket of their dirt. Unfortunately, my car is not made for such errands, and I don't drive Hubby's car (standard...yuck!). Plus, I like him to help once in awhile! Anyway, the first time we dumped our leaves, we saw that our dump has a big pile of dirt for the taking. They even have a shovel there in case you don't have one with you. I am hoping to start my composting bins this year, but they will not be ready to use right away, and this extra dirt will help.

Anyway, this is the cute kit I picked up yesterday... I know, I know...I could have just picked up a cute basket for harvesting my veggies, but I couldn't resist. I also priced out the individual components (onions, garlic, potatoes, strawberries) and it would've been more expensive. It's really just an experiment this I said, these root things confuse me! I think I will have to be very observant about when I plant so I can guess by the number of days when the stuff's ready?

I am also a lover of online shopping. But I have ridiculous feet. I don't think I have two pairs of shoes in the same size. When I go shoe shopping in actual stores, I am embarrassed to say, 'could you bring these out in an 8, 8.5, and a 9...maybe a 9.5, too?' Yes, I really do have shoes in that entire range! My feet are wide, too. So I found a cute pair of shoes online...on the Land's End Overstocks page.
On sale for $12! And, since I had birthday money from the in-laws, I thought I'd actually use it to buy myself something! I got a pair in 9 Wide, after about an hour of 'maybe an 8.5 wide would be okay?' I got them Friday...they are too big. Now my dilemma...take them back to Sears and hope I can get the size I need for the price I paid online? Or just order the new ones online, and return the too big ones for credit, assuming the next size down will be okay? I want them for my Vegas trip because I think they will be a good 'wear everywhere, with everything' kind of comfy shoe. And they are comfy, except a bit too big.
Well, off to refill my coffee cup, grab my wallet, and probably do the shoe thing online...talking it out has enlightened me.

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