Thursday, April 22, 2010

my 'extra' day off this week...

I was expecting, at the very least, scattered showers. Knowing my luck, I assumed it would pour all day. Finding out that it has been raining like a ...well, you know...elsewhere off Cape, I feel pretty lucky to be settling down after a long sunny and warm day of gardening. Normally, I would be working today, but as much as I need the money, I am happy to say...I was not at work today.
I went out after Hubby left for work and bought mulch for around my veg beds, I FINALLY found tomato cages for less than $6 each ($1.99 to be exact), and ran the little bit of other household errands I needed to do. I was out in the yard by 10 a.m. and planting up a storm. I am happy with the results, even if there IS still a long list ahead of me.

I found this growing out in my backyard...I thought it might be a blackberry or raspberry, but a friend said it may be a briar or other such annoyance. I think she may be right. I will just keep an eye on it this year.
Some of my flowers I planted last year look like they are coming back to grace our yard with some pretty. Since I am not that bright when it comes to this sort of thing, and I can't really remember most of what I will be a surprise when stuff starts to bloom. I can't wait!
I found this growing in one of my vegetable beds today! I am pretty sure it is a pumpkin! I had been using my beds as compost beds over the winter, so after our Halloween pumpkins rotted, they got tossed into the beds and it looks like at least one of the seeds decided to stay and come back as a new pumpkin! Hubby is very happy...he's strangely attracted to pumpkins.
And these are the beds before my mulching task today...
And here they are after 5 bags of mulch...I need at least one, probably 2, more bags to finish it up. I decided to let the lilies stay in the back.

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  1. How wonderful! Isn't it wonderful what simple 'clean up' and some mulch can do? It also makes you feel more settled or relaxed, I think, when you garden is more 'tidy'. You can focus on the plants you WANT growing in there!