Friday, April 9, 2010

Random things for an extra day off

First of all, the 'a' on my keyboard is's really starting to get to me!
Today, I'm getting my hair cut. I kept it a bit longer last time. Partly to try something new, partly because I thought I might want to grow my hair out again. I always liked having long hair, but I can't figure out why that was. It was either just down and long (I never had it 'styled' was just long and wavey), or there was the ponytail (which, now that I think of it, probably wasn't that attractive, since I didn't have bangs), or the nun-bun (which was a staple since I always worked in the food biz). When I was much younger (20 or so) I worked in retail and could wear my hair fun, but I rarely did. It was just too much trouble, for me, I guess. My fall-back was a bob, but my hair is so thick, it looked sort of like a helmet. And that is how I feel now...we're at the helmet stage. All day I just keep trying to push the long bangs behind my ears, but they are too short to reach. Then there are the high humidity days, which will be more often than not soon, when my hair just goes crazy with poof and frizz...not at all attractive.
Then I look at pictures of my 'Natalie' cut, as I call it...and I really like it. It is the style I choose most often. So I guess we'll just go with it. Maybe I should bleach it for something different?
I like this one:

Hubby prefers this one:I think it's just b/c the first is blonde and he can't see past the color...since the second shot is just a slightly longer version of the first.

In other (boring) news, I got my 'replacement' shoes. I had to get the black ones. I wanted the black in the first place, but thought I'd be different for once since I think 95% of my shoes are black...anyway, I got an 8.5 instead of the 9 that I sent back. The 9 was really too heels slipped out as I walked. The big toe on my right foot is rather close to the tip. How can a half size make so much difference? Do I seriously need an 8.75 size shoe??? I'm keeping them. I bought them as an 'everyday' shoe that would be comfortable for all the walking we'll do in Vegas. That gives me more than 5 months to break them in...I think I'll be okay.
I had lunch with an old friend yesterday after work. We sat an chatted about nothing in particular, like old times. We split sandwiches and a cookie (though, I ate all of my portion even if it was so sweet that my teeth hurt just thinking about it...I'm a sugar junky). Then we went to a garden shop. I wasn't interested in buying any more stuff. I need some tomato cages and then I'm ready to go. But somehow, I managed to find more seeds. Not that I have any more room in my beds once my original crops are planted and growing, but what the heck, right. They had edamame seeds. I suppose, in hind-sight, I could've just waited and traded with my sister, since I think she is going to plant some? Oh well... I also found some pepperoncini seeds. Hubby LOVES these things. He is very specific about the brand he'll eat, though. I almost didn't get them, but the package said there was a pickling recipe inside. Then, on the way to the car, my friend pointed out that if I just saved the pickling juices from an empty jar of the ones he loves...all I have to do is throw my home-grown peppers in!
It's strange being excited for Spring...I'm usually indifferent because Spring leads to Summer and I am not a big fan of Summer. The crowds, the thanks. (though I do enjoy drinks out on the patio!) This year, though, I am chomping at the bit to get stuff going. I'm sure it is due to the fact that I don't hate my jobs so much that I want to punch everyone.
So today is an extra day off for me. Someone at work wanted to pick up a shift because she didn't get as many hours this week, so I decided I could afford to take an extra day for myself before summer is in full swing. I wanted to do yard work or something, but also wanted to laze about...well, the weather is helping me make my decision by being windy and cloudy and rainy. Looks like all I can do is stay in and watch a movie or read. After I take the recyclables to the dump of course. It's amazing how bottles pile up...and how heavy glass is, even when it's empty!

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