Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday: afternoon

So, I got the fence up. We'll see how long it stays up. I need to get some metal supports, I think, for the corners, at least.
This was the first side up.
Then the second.
and the last of the 3 sides.
I straightened out the front side when I realized how crooked it was. I wanted to put a gate in, but I wasn't up for that today. Instead, for now the left corner just has a little extra fence hooked in to close. I can't until my beds are full of green goodness!
I think I will also try to just grow my potatoes outside the boxes, since I had already planned out every inch of my beds.
Now, cold hard cider and the Boston Red Sox v. the New York Yankees!


  1. It looks darling. Is that the roll out type fence? Are you going to or did you already use posts to hold it up? That will keep Moxie out too, won't it?
    For potatoes, one of the easiest, cheapest ways to grow them is in five gallon buckets (usually people have some laying about).
    It sounds like your garden is coming together. I think I might put some Asparagus in this year, which you can't harvest until the 3rd year, but it is a perrenial, beautiful when it grows and multiplies like weeds and who doesn't love asparagus!

  2. actually, that bucket in the second picture full of water, that would be the perfect thing to grow your potatoes in!

  3. Totally off topic, but a while back you'd mentioned your road rage. Here's a little somethin'-somethin' I found.
    This is a direct quote from a PlanetGreen online article.
    "Don't drive aggressively.
    If you stay cool and collected behind the wheel, you aren't just doing wonders for your blood pressure, you're saving an astounding average of 31 percent on gas. When you're on the highway, stay in one lane and cruise at a moderate speed and you'll be shocked at the results."
    Here's the entire article:

  4. 'road rage' is limited to speaking like a sailor to my non-passengers. It doesn't affect my speed or gas mileage. and my lead foot is my lead foot...i've tried to drive 55 but it's just too slow for me.
    my planet saving efforts don't go that far i guess.
    thanks for the link.

  5. It looks great!! We did a garden a few years back and really enjoyed it... since we moved, we just haven't found a place for one. I can't wait to see more pics in a couple of weeks when things are blooming.