Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's up for today...

I'm in the middle of my loooong week of working. Tuesday, I started to feel a bit of a scratchiness at the back of my throat (and a girl at work had said she woke up feeling sick). I felt run-down, too, so I assumed I was getting some sort of cold, took some medicine, and lounged in front of the tv until I couldn't keep my eyes open. I also had to work the next morning and thought getting some sleep might be a better idea than watching more of The Hills...a show I just got sucked into that night. (I'm a reality tv junkie...once I start, I find it hard to matter what the show is!) All day at work Wednesday, I just felt tired and a bit headachey. Today, I'm just a little stuffy...could it actually just be mild allergies? I had never had them, but last year I would feel a little like I was getting sick, but then just get stuck at the stuffy head stage. It has been said that, even if you have never had them, once you live on Cape Cod for awhile, you acquire them. Quite frankly, I prefer allergies to summer least my nose didn't get all drippy.
Anyway, today, I came home and went outside to plant my newest additions. I had gotten some new hostas last week. I changed my mind about where I was going to put them, so now I don't know where they will go. I planted one, and then it started to get cold and dark and I thought it was going to rain again. (It didn't.) I also put up my tomato cages. Only the very large one in the right side bed will be for tomatoes. I am hoping to train my watermelons, cantaloupe, and cucumbers to vine up. And then I put in two for the two types of beans I'm growing. I'll stick with the old bamboo and twine trellis for the snow peas, though.
My seedlings are doing better. The only ones that seem to be taking their time are the sweet peppers. They are beginning to emerge, but only one out of the 6 I planted. Like I said, this is the last year I waste my time on them. (Unless they actually produce!) I am eager to get stuff outside, though.
And at work today, I got taken out by one of my bosses. Apparently, it is procedure for one of the 'full-timers' (most every one is part-time at Trader Joe's unless they are a 'boss-type') to talk about what is good, what is bad, and just a 'thanks for working with us, here's some food'. Now, for me, I don't like to take breaks. I work 6-hour shifts and am allowed a paid 15-minute break, by law. I rarely take it, because then I don't want to go back to work...I'm in 'done for the day mode' once I sit down. And then there's the fact that you can't get food at IHOP in 15 minutes and I can't afford to take a long break on a 6-hour shift. BUT... since it was a 'conversation with a boss' it didn't matter. So, not only did I get to have pancakes, eggs, and hash browns for free this morning, I also got to take AN HOUR break...PAID! It was still kind of weird, though. I don't like to eat in front of people, I don't like to try to make conversation with people I don't really hang out with, and I always feel weird about company paid meals. (I have a lot of issues, I know.)
Hubby's getting his back from the repair place this weekend, so I am hoping we start riding and we can get back in shape. Yes, I could be out walking right now, but it's cold!
I am doing better about not just coming home and getting right to the business of sitting down. Today, after my bit of planting, I cleaned the kitchen and while doing so, decided to make Hubby some cupcakes. He's been mentioning them lately, and tonight is 'tv night' for us, so he may want a treat. He always decides he wants it after the bakery has closed, though, so this might be good enough. Just yellow cake with chocolate buttercream. It never tastes as good as the bakery, but I basically had to wing it as I don't usually have baking products on hand. I used up every last grain of sugar for the cupcakes, and then had to eyeball everything for the frosting since I just happened to have some powdered sugar. (note to self: need sugar next time the urge to bake strikes.) I should've known, actually, as I decided this past weekend that I wanted cookies. I made it up as I went along, using a chocolate chip cookie recipe out of the ol' Betty Crocker. They ended up being very delicious cashew oatmeal cookies. Today I bought chocolate chips, but now we know, they will do no good until I get sugar!
Why am I rambling? because I had two breakfasts today and I am trying not to eat all the cupcakes before Hubby comes home!!


  1. I hope you feel better. Sorry that you have that sucky work schedule this week! I just got home from my 7th straight day and tomorrow I am OFF!!

  2. Don't forget brown sugar, if you want to make chocolate chip cookies. Or, if you have molasses (which you may not if you don't keep sugar on hand) you add that to regular sugar and 'ta-dah'! Brown sugar and as dark or light as you like! The Garden is looking good!