Sunday, May 2, 2010


I got a nice surprise today...i got to leave work an hour early!! I also asked 'was i scheduled for 5 shifts again because it's mother's day weekend?' My boss looked confused, said she hadn't scheduled me 5 days, then said the guy who usually does the schedule finished it. I said that i didn't mind doing it next weekend, but in the future i only wanted 4 shifts. I'm not sure, but I think she MAY try to get me another day off next week. We shall see.
So, what did I do with an extra hour? Well, I caught Hubby on his way out for his Sunday walk, so he waited for me. We got coffees, chatted up our friends, and walked to the beach. Then off to the garden store, and back home for a day in the yard. Hubby had gone to the dump for some free dirt. Our dump has piles of stuff...a pile to dump leaves, one for wood chips, and a number of other piles, such as a pile of topsoil you. Not only can you dump your stuff you can also take what you like. It's not super clean dirt, I have found old screws and even some glass in the stuff I got for my garden, but it's rich and it's free.
So, he started adding dirt to the 'sand path' so that he could start planting the 'steppable' plants he got. It looks great so far, and we are eager for it to grow in and just be slate and greens.
My hostas are looking great. I still have a couple new ones to plant. I think I will put them in the back corner where I want my 'sanctuary'.
Early last week or so, I was cleaning out the cupboards when I noticed the ants were back (yuck!) and we found about 4 open bags of tortilla chips. We get them often because we like Mexican and we like to make it at home. We also had a few bags that people had left after we hosted poker a couple times. It has been a long time since we hosted, so you can imagine how stale these chips were! Hubby was going to dump them in the yard for the birds. Instead he decided to to crush them and put them in our empty bird feeder. I thought it silly, but the blue jays seem to like them! (and the squirrels, but they'll eat anything!!)
It isn't a great picture, taken through the back slider, but that is a bird eating tortilla chips.
Our neighbors were home most of the day, blasting their radio. So, of course, Hubby cranked up his ball game. They finally left for the day, and the day was so nice. We just relaxed, enjoying our yard and dreaming of how nice it will be when my hedges fill in!

I also am still excited about my seedlings, though they are slow, leggy, and few. Mostly, I just want to get them out in the beds.
The lower left corner of this picture is where I planted my sweet pepper seeds. They have not done anything...until today. When I got home I had 3 little plants finally poking through the soil. Maybe there is hope for them after all?
This is my Bleeding Heart plant. When we moved in, this one and a white one were dying in the front yard due to the intense sun the front yard gets. These are partial sun/shade plants. I decided to try to save this one, as the white one was too far gone, and it grows bigger each year. It's about 3 or 4 feet tall this year! onions have already started to poke through the soil!!! This warm weather weekend has me hopeful for the summer.
Tomorrow, Monday, it's likely to rain. But that is about par for the course, as it seems to rain every Monday lately.

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  1. I love an extra hour off!!! I am jealous of your gardening- but I decided this year that I am not going to try to do everything I want to do- because that just leaves me with a bunch of things half done! I will enjoy watching your garden instead.