Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Picture Post...

My corner bamboo plant has REALLY enjoyed the day of rain we got today. The shoots that had already started since the transplant this year have double. And several new shoots have emerged just in the past couple days!

My 'bare root' privet sticks I planted aren't doing very well. Only one has had any promising buds...and practically overnight they have opened and look like a real plant!!

The pumpkin seed that managed to survive the winter and sprouted in my veg bed, is really thriving, too.

My snow peas...coming along nicely.
Radishes. I planted both the plain red ones AND the 'Easter eggs'. I can't remember how (or if) I separated them, so it will be a surprise when I tug them from their beds.
And then there's the bucket o' potatoes. They have been growing so quickly that I am adding an inch of dirt almost every day! Today, this plant was about 2 inches above the soil. Now I have as much dirt as I can get in the bucket to cover that one. I am planning on getting another (bigger) bucket for the red bliss potatoes that have sprouted in the kitchen drawer. The ones I have already planted are golds of some sort.
I am really excited to plant, but this year I am even more excited for the see what I get...Christmas in July!!


  1. You really have such a green thumb!! I can't believe that potato plant is growing so quickly!

  2. yeah, gardening. Once you get bit by that bug, look out. You will see how your little back yard will become an oasis! Then you start planning ways to have an evergreen garden to enjoy the winter. We need another day the three of us for 'garden club'.