Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm going out!

I have been working so much (so much that I gave someone one of my days just to get a day off!), and working a strange schedule (working in the kennel on a Saturday evening; having a weekday off -tomorrow), that I totally forgot about meeting a friend for dinner tonight!! That would've been embarrassing...good thing she and I fly by the seat of our pants and didn't actually finalize plans until just about an hour ago. I'm psyched for drinks and dinner. My anti-social ways sometimes give way to an urge to just go out and feel like an adult person!
So, tomorrow is a day off for just me. Hubby will be at work, and I'm planning on playing in the dirt. My seedlings aren't growing like mad, but they are doing okay.
My basil plants are getting their second set of leaves, and looking like basil. My sweet peppers are okay. Unfortunately, I can't remember which seedlings are the cantaloupe and which are the watermelons. Oops.
I also have super leggy tomatoes. My jalapenos are doing okay, though. And my sister gave me two cayenne peppers that she thought were dying but just needed some water.
My snow peas are popping up in the garden. I also have some radishes and broccoli coming up, but didn't get a good picture. Luckily, I labeled them in the garden, better than in the house, because they look exactly the same right now! My onions are getting huge!
And...I made my own granola bars. They are more cakey than I was hoping, but it was my first try, so next time I'll try a different mix of flour and stuff. This batch was chocolate chips, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries. I also threw in some ground flax seed. The taste was great, but the thickness was a bit...too thick. I also used applesauce and agave syrup instead of oil and honey.
So, I'm off to pretty up for my dinner date!!

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  1. Mmmm...granola bars... They look and sound delectable! Have fun on your playdate!