Monday, May 31, 2010

it just keeps getting better

I have just about had it.
I am, right now, using my husband's computer due to the complete drain of my laptop. Hubby says I just need a new battery, but i think it may be the AC adapter. Either way, it's another big expense I don't want right now. A new battery is $100+ and an adapter will run me in the neighborhood of $70-80. They both have to be ordered, so it's not a quick and easy fix. In the meantime, my computer is useless. Which means, no pictures. I guess it's a good thing I've let my etsy shop just sit there, as I wouldn't be able to list any new items either.
Moxie got scared yesterday and let out a yelp as she twisted her back leg. Then she limped around for awhile, so I gave her one of her old anti-inflammatory pills from her last injury. She was fine later, running and playing. This morning, Hubby came out of the bathroom, she turned to run, slipped on the hardwood floor, let out another yelp and started limping again! She's fine now, but she must've pulled something and she's just so crazy all the time, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before she does something foolish again.
Hubby and a bunch of our friends are out having fun today. They are having a 'slackathlon'...a triathlon for slackers, I guess. First they played a game of candle pin bowling. For those of you (like me before moving out East) who have never heard of it, it's bowling with a smaller hand-held ball. I think you get 4 balls per turn to try to knock down the pins (same pins at 10 pin bowling, though). After that, they went for pizza and beer. Then it was off to mini golf. The last event is a game of Texas Hold 'em poker, followed by a BBQ at our friends new house. I think it sounds like a blast, but I am working. The kennel is closed for business, but we have a surrendered cat and a stray dog and one of the doctors left her cats there for the weekend. So I went in this morning to feed/clean/walk/medicate them. Then back at noon for a quick check and the dogs afternoon feed/walk/medicate. And later tonight I go back for the dinner shift. In total I will probably put in 2 and 1/2 hours of work...but it is taking all day. oh well.
And of course, it wouldn't be life without some good old fashioned family drama. Dad's back to his usual rotten ways. Stef called to let him know we would be coming over this week to finally start working on his old Barracuda. He said, 'don't bother. I'm getting rid of it.' Stef said something like, 'but i thought we 3 would have fun working on it...' and he said, 'well, just as you changed your mind about taking care of me, I changed my mind about the car.'
I'm so mad at him, because Stef is very sensitive and she should not be made to feel guilty about wanting to take her young life back. It is not her job, and he can afford to pay for someone to help him. So I guess that project is over before it has begun.
More time for myself, I guess. So now what do I do?! ;)

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  1. just realized that candle pin bowling does not have the same kind of pins as 10 pin bowling...they are just in the same configuration.