Friday, May 28, 2010

my week thus far

(exciting title, I know!)
I think I already mentioned our trip 'off Cape' to the home improvement store, where we bought new hammocks (Saturday)? If not, that's pretty much the whole story.
Sunday, after I worked til noon, I came home and Hubby and I spent the rest of the day, pretty much, lazing about in the hammocks drinking cocktails. Great day!
Monday and Tuesday, the usual work all day, eat, sleep.
Wednesday I went to a friends house to help her put up her 'inflatable' pool. It is a soft-sided pool with an inflatable ring around the top, and just has a couple bars holding the whole thing up. It's a lot of water being held in place with some pool liner. I don't know who the engineers are who thought this thing up, but I hope they knew what they were doing. It is amazing to me that it works. But that's not the point. The point is that I can swim in her pool if I ever get out to her place this summer. It's not a bad drive if I leave from work, as she's pretty much right off the highway after a 25 (or so) minute drive.
Step 1:lay the pool out flat(-ish).
Step 2:put the bars in and inflate the giant tube rim. This part sucked b/c she recently hurt her back and upon trying to blow it up, 're-tweaked' it. I wasn't sure how I was going to blow the whole thing up myself, but it turned out to be not so bad. She had a large hand pump for me to use and it filled up surprisingly quickly.
Step 3: begin filling with water and smooth out the bottom. This, I thought, was the most difficult bit. It turns into a pool by filling it with water. As the water fills, the giant tube continues to 'stay afloat' while the base expands with water and the side bars hold it in place. So after a few inches of water, you have to get in, lift the sides and smooth the bottom out around the edges. This pool has to come down for the winter, so I think next year, maybe a soft broom would work to push the liner out to the edges...wish I'd thought of that Wednesday...oh well.
I didn't stay to put the filter/pump together, because that part gets done after the pool fills. I got a picture and email yesterday. She had it filling until 11 o'clock that night!
While I was there, I got shots of her cutie pie dogs. Monty is her teacup Chihuahua. Wednesday was the first time he didn't bark at me when I drove in! I think he's decided I'll be around a lot more.
This is Sophie, her Italian Greyhound. She's the bravest IG I know, especially considering she can barely see. She's also the mother of Monty's babies (all have gone to good homes, of course). Sophie, when she was younger and could see better, used to be a good companion for my Moxie, because they just run around all day.

And, I have been keeping my garden watered with all the heat. It is good to come home for lunch, or be home from work by noon, so that I can water.
My Edammame are poking through the dirt!
This is a shot of the beds this morning. Cukes are sprouting and so are the pumpkins. I think it will be a couple more days for the peppers to sprout, but the jalapeno seedlings I transplanted are still going strong.
Last night, we went out! There's a summer hangout everyone goes to out in Wellfleet, and last night was opening night/locals night. We got our summer passes so we can get free beach parking and also free/discounted shows for the summer. WE don't go much but some of our friends are there every Sunday. This year we may end up out there more...I don't know. But I was hoping to run into a woman I know as a customer from my old job. And, I did. She showed up just as we did, so I yelled to her in the parking lot. She just had to put her sweet little Rottweiler, Lola, down. After finding cancer in her leg, they amputated. Then they found it in her lungs and had to put her down. Rottweilers can be scary, but Lola was the sweetest thing was especially cute when she wagged her 'tail' because it was just her whole back end shaking.
Then our friends' band, The Ticks, ended their set with a cover of Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne!! My absolute fave Ozzy song...I jumped around and pounded my 'devil horns' to the sky and got stares from my friends who know me as the reserved little girl in the corner. It was fun. We only stayed until just after 11, as Hubby had to work, and I was getting smooshed and a little anxious about the crowd getting bigger.
This morning I have gotten the call from the car hospital where I dropped my car yesterday.
'I think I need new brakes.'
This morning, 'your front brakes are completely gone.' They have to replace the drums, the pads, and every other bit that makes up the front brakes! I guess I should feel lucky they were working at all?? He also said the back brakes are okay but the drums are getting rusty so they cleaned them up but they will need to be done in the future, so 'be aware of that'.
Upon Hubby's insistence, they are also checking the thermostat which may need to be replaced. AND, the radiator cap needs to be replaced, which 'is common in these Cavaliers.'
So, grand total, with labor (including the possible new thermostat) will be around $500, 'possibly less'. I don't think that's unreasonable, considering my front brakes are being completely re-done, and Hubby just paid $600 for a tiny piece of plastic to hold his airbag SENSOR in place.
Long boring post, that I really only meant to be about putting up a pool...sorry!

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