Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poker face

I played cards Sunday. Believe it or not, these were my winning cards! The last guy and I had been playing 'heads up' for quite a few hands. He went all in, I had about a third more chips than he did. I really wanted to be done playing so I figured, 'well, I could get lucky, and win, and be done; or, he could have something great, win, and then I'd have so few chips, I would lose soon enough.' He didn't have a great hand, ace high, maybe...but another 6 came on the board, and that ended up being good enough. One of the guys playing had just won a couple thousand in Vegas playing a small tournament...I even beat him!! He always commends me on my playing...I think he just wants fresh blood at the regular game!!
Hubby has been wanting to host a game, but since I have to get up so early Wednesday mornings (his regular game is Tuesday night), he has refrained. But this weekend was our 6 year anniversary of buying our house, it was great weather, and I go in later for my job on Mondays, so I gave the okay. Only 4 of his friends stopped by, so that was nice for me. Usually I don't play because some of his poker pals are a bit too intense for me. It was a nice low-key game and I beat out all the boys! My first win!! It was a $10 game, winner take all. I told Hubby I would only play if he paid for me. So, after paying him back, I was $50 ahead! But then one of the guys left, while the others wanted to play another game...so there went $10 more dollars, which I did NOT get back. But $40 up for the day...not bad. Especially since I had just worked a 6 hour shift at the grocery store for time and a half!!
I drank an entire growler (64 oz) of our micro-brewery's summer ale, ate a cheeseburger off the grill, a cannoli from our friends' bakery, chips and hummus...it was a good summery day. Then everyone left in time to watch the season finale of survivor (who knew, we actually have friends as lame as we are!!). I stayed up for the first tribal council...then fell asleep during the part where they remember their 'fallen comrades'. When I finished watching last night (thank you dvr) I was glad to be able to fast forward through that part!!

Well, another lame post, but I actually have to get ready for work. Sometimes when I get up so much earlier than my alarm, I lose track of time. And then I just don't want to go to work. Another 7 day stretch will come to an end with a Friday off this week. I should probably try to get the things done that I put off from last week??

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