Saturday, May 22, 2010

a little bit of sadness...

I had yesterday off. I had a bunch of stuff that I wanted to get accomplished, so I skipped my morning coffee with Hubby. On the days he works, but I have off, I go in with him for coffee, then he drops me back at home before going to work. It's basically just a car ride, but it allows us a few extra minutes before he leaves for the day. But I knew that if I didn't start my chores as soon as I could, I'd get lazy for the day. So, 8 a.m. I was at the dump as they opened the gates. Then off to the discount store for dishwasher detergent and other such stuff I had paying a lot for at the grocery store. Then, back to Trader Joe's for some stuff I didn't get after work the day before. [I met up with one of my sisters for coffee after work on Thursday, so I didn't get a chance to do it then.] Back home by 10 a.m. for a bite to eat. 11 a.m...down to the basement for a quick 30 minutes of hip hop workout. I could NEVER take a cardio dance class because I look like a complete goon!! Then outside to the garden. And there I stayed until about 3 p.m.
I planted up my beds with the rest of the seeds I had. I also put the surviving seedlings out. Unfortunately, most of them had not done well. They seemed to stop growing and maybe got too much heat too soon when I set them outside last week?? I'm not sure, but I basically only got a few sweet pepper plants, the two cayenne pepper plants, and a few small basil plants. All the tomato seedlings were beginning to rot from the roots...sad, indeed.
But look how pretty these edamamme seeds are!!

I hope they grow...I can't wait to eat them!! Yummy!
So, today after work, Hubby and I took a trip 'off cape'...once Memorial Day weekend hits Cape Cod, travel is pretty ridiculous and frustrating, so we decided to get what we needed now. We each got new hammocks and a couple plants.
So my garden will go like this:
Bed #1: herbs (basil, cilantro, parsley, chives), scallions, sweet peppers, pumpkins, yellow squash, Roma tomatoes, 2 types of green beans, jalapenos & cayenne peppers.
Bed #2: snow peas, broccoli raab, several types of radishes, edammme, watermelons (small 'sugar babies'), cantaloupe, and cucumbers.
Plus the yellow onions and garlic (which may not be harvestable -if that's a word!?- until next year, and the two buckets of potatoes.
My sister and aunt and I have been toying with a 'swap' idea where we would share our harvest if one of us has an over-abundance of something to trade. I think first we will have to see what grows. I know for me it's a crap shoot!
Hubby and I talked today about how happy we finally are with where our life is. We're ready for a good summer...'the summer of George!'


  1. Ooh! Read that book, sister! *~_^* I'm sorry your maters didn't make it, but it sounds like quite a load you've got planned, there! The yard looks great and the way you planned out the beds is darling, too! Those edamame seeds are gorgeous! What a color! Makes me think of mint ice cream!

  2. With seedlings you need to put them out first in the shade for maybe an hour at a time. Then gradually introduce them to the sun or else they burn. Rotten roots mean too much water or sitting in water. I am still putting my seedlings in and out every day and they are now finally in the direct sun and stay out all day but come in at night untiil after memorial day. Then I will leave them out one night not planted and then, if they are okay, pop them in. I am so excited that I have little cukes already growing on my indoor seedlings (of course they got pollinated on their 'days out' by the bees.) Maybe next year they can get pollinated by my own bees again.

  3. I seeded the garden last weekend, and today we will be putting in the bedding plants.
    It is amazing how much we pay for detergents etc. isn't it?
    I found this amazing recipe for laundry detergent and have been using it ever since:

    Have a great week!

  4. "The Summer of George!" - ha! ha! I love that episode!

    I also would never take a public exercise class- I am a total spaz!

    good luck with the rest of the garden, I hope things turn around for you :)