Friday, April 29, 2011

New cord, old news

Well, I got my new computer cord and I'm back to using my own computer.
So, as I sit an watch the 'repeat' of the Royal Wedding, I'll go back in time to last Sunday, when we re-instated 'wine and cheese Sundays'.
To go along with our selection of cheeses, I decided to make an onion tart. I even made the pie crust from scratch, even though the recipe actually suggested using refrigerated dough.
It turned out all golden and delicious. It is amazing how delicious some onions and cheese can be.
And, the cheese... Clockwise, from the upper left corner: St.Andre triple creme (still my latest fav); Trader Joe's 'spotlight cheese' from April, Red Dragon cheddar with grainy mustard and ale (yum); some Jarlsberg (mild, nutty, great with the apples); Fontina, which i just threw in there because I had some left over from a homemade mac&cheese I had made earlier in the week; Cave Aged Gouda, a new cheese at T.J.'s (smooth and creamy with a fairly strong rind); and the little squares are New Zealand Cheddar, because Hubby loves cheddar, and I thought we'd try a new one (a fairly mild cheddar).

I like a little meat and apples with my cheese plates. That one is an artisinal salami made with pinot grigio.

And since then, I'm just working. I'm trying to keep up with my house cleaning/organizing, which is going okay, but my major projects (the basement and studio) are a bit overwhelming. I took the afternoon to get out and hang with friends...and practice our French.

Nothing terribly exciting.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

gosh darn it!

i got out my computer yesterday to do my usual 'check-ins' after work. something sparked, and i smelled burning. my power cord had split somehow, and was no longer working!
I am just about out of 'juice' with my current battery, and am hoping that my spare has some charge. I have ordered a new cord which will hopefully be in sometime within the week.
until then, i will be doing quick check-ins on hubbys computer, but not spending much time.
i will post, soon, about our fab wine/cheese/onion tart 'lunch' we had this sunday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

steel wool to the rescue!

I have had a pretty busy day off, today. I made myself a list (and have started another in my head, for my day off next week!) and I'm, surprisingly, steadily crossing items off. And i do mean crossing off as in 'done' not 'wait til next week'.
My major project today was to address the rust on my 'new' bike. Here's how it went...just me, some rubber gloves, steel wool, and good old fashioned elbow grease...
tire rims, before...
...and after!
before after
The pedal 'arms' (or whatever they're called?) were pretty bad.
Before after Not much difference, but some. I'm looking into another way to clean that up. Anybody have any suggestions?
I don't know what this part is called either, but it's where the chain goes.
Before after

The handlebars were bad, too, but i managed to get them more cleaned up than i expected!

And the finished product!

I think it looks a THOUSAND times better, and that's just from removing some rust! Next, I'm trying to figure out how to fix the rust on the body without damaging the paint too much more than it is. Then, some new paint, new basket, and maybe a bell and some handlebar tassels?

Coming up this Sunday...a long overdue 'cheese tasting day with Hubby'!! I'll be trying some new stuff, but I've also been longing for my new favs from last time!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

food, drink, and other

I have done little in the past week. Today, I'm completely fatigued and, after a short nap, I need to force myself into a short workout. I had a rough day at the kennel yesterday, during which I was mauled by a fluffy white cat, and beat up by some sort of corgi-great dane hybrid! Today, I had the stress of a quarterly review at Trader Joe's. It went great, but it never keeps me from stressing! It's kind of gloomy, and Moxie is asleep next to me dreaming her little pug dreams and making silly noises...and making me want to nap with her.
In the meantime, I have done this:
I made a delicious English Cottage Pie one night last week for dinner. The leftovers were yummers, too, and lasted for a few days.
A couple nights ago, I made a homemade curried chicken. Also good. Over rice, of course.

Had a craving for a margarita...had A shot of tequila in the house,

from about 12 years ago, when it was given to me as a going away gift from the cook I worked with at my first restaurant job! I will NOT be eating that worm...EVER!

Hubby fixed my leaky tire on my 'new' bike. Next up, sanding and removing what rust I can. Then a new paint job. I'm toying with the idea of free-handing some pretty flowers or something silly like that.

I finally broke down and bought a package of Trader Joe's peanut butter Easter eggs. At 200 calories an egg, I savored every last bite! So Good!!

I'm hoping to be more productive once I catch up on my sleep!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

ugh! my hair

What kinds of things do I do, to put off doing things I SHOULD do? Well, today I played with my annoyingly 'long' hair. Okay, so my hair is NOT's just annoying, and not short, easy, and cute anymore. I have been growing it out to see if I can get it long again so that maybe I can donate another round to the Locks of Love peeps. To be honest, I just don't know if i can do it. TEN inches is the minimum length. On me, that means I have to grow my hair to just below my shoulder blades. UGH! (plus, I like my short hair! I kinda miss it...but haircuts are expensive, too...saving money...oh, my short hair...this is hard!!) Anyway... today I remembered my old hot rollers! I bought these many years ago after getting a bob haircut. I even packed these beauties and carried them to California for a wedding...and then didn't use them b/c I have never been able to master the technique of curlers. When I pulled out the curlers, I saw something in the back of the closet... CRIMPING IRON from high school!! I have not used it, but you better believe I'm gonna give it a go...I do have a full day off tomorrow! Lookin' hot in my curlers. Which did pretty much nothing, because in all honesty, my hair isn't that long! I also have issues with having hair on my forehead... so this didn't last long. Maybe I'll be able to post a pic of a ponytail some day?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i want to ride my bicycle

It was POURING rain today (still is, actually), yet I kept my appointment to go look at a bike for sale. I have a bike... awesome Gary Fisher mountain bike that my in-laws bought me when I graduated from community college (they're such awesome caring, so giving.) oh, it's in the shed, upside down...i held the camera upside down to take the pic, that's why it looks weird. My bike is cared for...shiny spokes and gears (all 21 of them). This is my 'new bike'... ... ...rusty and crusty! Cute basket, eh!? I'll be changing that! This is my summer beach bike. Last year, I had to borrow a bike from my crazy tall relative (I can't remember if it was donna's, nate's, or renee's, but they are all a good foot taller than me!) So, anyway, my main concern with this bike is that it was going to be too's the perfect size! SMALL! Unfortunately, it has 'two new tires' but the front one is not holding air. Hoping a new innertube will fix it. For $20 (she wanted $25) i figured I'd take a chance. I was gonna leave it at Donna's, but i think i may enjoy riding it around here, as well. And leaving THIS bike hooked to my car, while at work, will probably not be as tempting to the hoodlums that tend to hang out in the town were I work. (yes, i have trust issues! and i stress over EVERYTHING.)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dressing up

Well, Angela (over at Pickles on Pizza) made me think...AGAIN! She commented on my last post that she likes how we all get dressed up. And I thought 'well, I don't know that we get 'dressed up'...but she was right! Here's a sampling: Many years ago at the 'local' Renaissance Fair... The white dress I'm wearing is an old wedding dress I bought at Goodwill for $29!! I bought it to wear for my actual wedding, but then ended up in suede pants in Vegas. I have worn that dress SO many times (usually for Halloween), just adding different sleeves or going with the little cap sleeves it had versatile...the train is hooked up to make a bustle!!) I later used the same basic outfit for one of our themed family Christmas parties (Victorian themed. I'm hidden behind Grandma.) Here's the Japanese Christmas outfit from a couple years ago: And, of course, my '70's disco dress from my friend's birthday: While on Nantucket, the MSPCA (where I was working) had a sock hop for a fundraiser... I borrowed my sister's super cool shoes and sweater; that's my old colorguard skirt from high school; and I had long hair back then, so the pony tail was easy! Oh, and i used the petticoat from my old wedding dress!! This past year's cocktail party at Donna's...though, I'm pretty sure that party was specifically for me to wear that dress!! I wish I could wear that hat every day though! (is that weird?) ...Donna's birthday party a few years ago. And, just getting together on a summer day for a bike ride/pool party/late afternoon cocktails by the fire: How often do you get 'dressed up'? I had no idea I did it so frequently!! I'm usually in jeans and a tee (like now!), but it's fun to change it up once in awhile! Tomorrow: back to scrubs by day...p.j.'s by 7 p.m.!

Friday, April 8, 2011

girls gone wild

well, our version of it anyway... (as usual, I stopped taking pictures once i started filling up with drinks and food...) After work, I stopped at the local brewery to get my fill up(s): one Cape Cod Beach Blonde Ale, and one Cape Cod Red. I was home by 1pm. Donna and Renee showed up around 2 or 2:30, I guess...I didn't really notice the time. Everyone was hungry, so we started nibbling on scones as we got to cooking. Steph was due to stop by when she got out of work at 6:30, but there was some 'brownie issue', in that she stayed up all night making Oreo Brownies and forgot them at here house...which is in the opposite direction of mine. That would mean, half hour drive back home to pick up brownies then another 45 minutes or so to get back here...a 15 minute drive here, turns into almost an hour and a half...making for a very late night. At any rate, D&R had bought brownie mix so that we could have brownies, but Steph's fiance brought them into work for her. So we still got the brownies after all...and then some! But...on with the fun!!! First, you always toast a pizza party with champagne! And, I actually got a picture of the three of us! Of course, when Steph showed up, I was over the picture taking...poor Steph. Pizza... We made four pizzas! Two were small, but FOUR PIZZAS! I had made up some caramelized onions the night before, and picked up some sauce and cheese. I pulled some random stuff out of my fridge, too, and the girls brought a bunch of stuff, too. Herbed feta, roasted red peppers, baby artichoke hearts, pepperoni and mushrooms. In the end, the last pizza had potato chips crumbled on top,too. Donna: 'I really want to put those chips and dip on a pizza some day.' Me: 'so do it now!' I really enjoyed the crunch! So good! Renee, eating: And, the morning after... Hostess gets leftover alcohol. Everyone took home a little of all the leftovers. Although, I ended up with an unopened box of Goobers! I'm not complaining, but I feel bad for not sharing...I forgot Steph brought them. Next time...I'll save them. Tea and champagne: My fun girlie demi tasse cups from days long past. I think yesterday was actually the first time I used them. I have had them in my cupboard since we bought our house nearly 8 years ago! (wow...has it really been 8 years!?) Well, I'm pooped. Today, off to get a quick cup of coffee with hubby before he goes to work. Maybe some 'French class' and 'music practice'. I'll try to get a workout in and clean up the house (read: fill the dishwasher). But mostly...j'ai relax!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am having people over AGAIN tomorrow. I often invite myself over to my friend's (a.k.a. my aunt) house, because when I work my grocery store job, it is about halfway to her house, from mine. So, it is an easy trip after work, to just head over. And, I pretty much just say, 'you gonna be home? Maybe I'll come visit?' Recently, she mentioned never coming to my house, so I told her that she is just as welcome to invite herself to MY house, as I do hers... and, so tomorrow, she and my baby sister will be driving all the way out to my place to see me after work. I made... ...cranberry almond scones to great them with. I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies, but forgot to buy the chips. So I decided 'scones'! Then realized that plain scones are...well...plain. I happened to have some dried cranberries and almonds in my pantry...they turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself! When my other sister gets out of work, we are making homemade pizzas. And, all through the day, we will be crafting. Sewing. Donna is a self-taught maverick with the sewing machine, and is gonna give me some pointers. I will TRY to remember to actually take pictures this time! Yummy 'make your own' chicken fajitas for dinner tonight.
I love beans!

Early (and long) day tomorrow means off to bed early!