Sunday, April 24, 2011

gosh darn it!

i got out my computer yesterday to do my usual 'check-ins' after work. something sparked, and i smelled burning. my power cord had split somehow, and was no longer working!
I am just about out of 'juice' with my current battery, and am hoping that my spare has some charge. I have ordered a new cord which will hopefully be in sometime within the week.
until then, i will be doing quick check-ins on hubbys computer, but not spending much time.
i will post, soon, about our fab wine/cheese/onion tart 'lunch' we had this sunday!


  1. Ouch! This is why I bought an extra power oldest daughter had a similar I learned from her!

  2. Remember when we didn't check the computer every day...or carry a cell phone all the time! What would we do without our technology now!!