Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random...major babbling

So, my blogfriend Angela over at Pickles on Pizza, had posted about her old MySpace account last week. Which, of course, reminded me of MY myspace account. Where I had, indeed, left behind some pictures. I fought the myspacers, just as I fought the facebookers...but eventually gave in. Mostly because, at the time of myspace, I was living on an island and it was the best way to keep in touch with my friends and family. Here's a perfect picture expressing how I began to feel about living on Nantucket. It had it's moments of joy: being surrounded by water and boats and that great noise the foghorns and clanking thingamajigs on the sailboats when the wind would blow (all the time); being able to eat a cheeseburger and beer for lunch and not worry about my waistline b/c we walked in and out of town to get it; walking dogs for a living was pretty sweet; meeting and adopting my precious Hanzo. Oh, and wandering by Tommy Hilfigers summer home while taking a little walk outside of town. It was a strange combination of over-the-top wealth and straight up ghetto (which is where we were living). The island is only like 7 miles wide, yet somehow, the two co-existed without having to rub elbows. Ultimately, we left Nantucket b/c we were paying for a crappy apartment so that Hubby could be miserable and under appreciated at his job...and then I later shot myself in the foot, by way of myspace, when I forgot about a nasty blog I wrote about a co-worker. Several weeks after posting it, she friend requested me, I said sure (forgetting the terrible things i wrote, b/c I was simply venting about working with a snotty young'n who needed to check herself...I didn't dislike her, I just thought she was lazy), then I was promoted, she went through and read my old blogs, and started a whole snowball of shit that made my life miserable after that. Her tantrums were too much for me, I applied for, and got, a job working at a Curves gym 'back home' on the Cape...and I moved back. The Curves job lasted several months before I decided that I was NOT a cold-calling salesperson, and no matter how much I believed in the workout, I couldn't try to make people give me their money 'on the spot'. It was too pushy for me. On the up-side of that, working out at the gym gave me the opportunity to ride in a 64 mile bike 'tour' along the Cape. I made it only 32 miles before my thumbs and lower back started to go numb. That was the best shape I was ever in. I think if I had better adjusted my seat and handlebars, I could've gone at least another 10 miles. I was right on track with the 10 mph speed I had to keep up in order to make it all the way in the allotted time. Fast forward to today, we are glad we moved to Nantucket. It was a great experience and has improved our lives in the form of business connections for Hubby, and a heightened confidence in myself. I am a stronger person, both mentally and physically!

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