Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am having people over AGAIN tomorrow. I often invite myself over to my friend's (a.k.a. my aunt) house, because when I work my grocery store job, it is about halfway to her house, from mine. So, it is an easy trip after work, to just head over. And, I pretty much just say, 'you gonna be home? Maybe I'll come visit?' Recently, she mentioned never coming to my house, so I told her that she is just as welcome to invite herself to MY house, as I do hers... and, so tomorrow, she and my baby sister will be driving all the way out to my place to see me after work. I made... ...cranberry almond scones to great them with. I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies, but forgot to buy the chips. So I decided 'scones'! Then realized that plain scones are...well...plain. I happened to have some dried cranberries and almonds in my pantry...they turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself! When my other sister gets out of work, we are making homemade pizzas. And, all through the day, we will be crafting. Sewing. Donna is a self-taught maverick with the sewing machine, and is gonna give me some pointers. I will TRY to remember to actually take pictures this time! Yummy 'make your own' chicken fajitas for dinner tonight.
I love beans!

Early (and long) day tomorrow means off to bed early!

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