Thursday, April 14, 2011

ugh! my hair

What kinds of things do I do, to put off doing things I SHOULD do? Well, today I played with my annoyingly 'long' hair. Okay, so my hair is NOT's just annoying, and not short, easy, and cute anymore. I have been growing it out to see if I can get it long again so that maybe I can donate another round to the Locks of Love peeps. To be honest, I just don't know if i can do it. TEN inches is the minimum length. On me, that means I have to grow my hair to just below my shoulder blades. UGH! (plus, I like my short hair! I kinda miss it...but haircuts are expensive, too...saving money...oh, my short hair...this is hard!!) Anyway... today I remembered my old hot rollers! I bought these many years ago after getting a bob haircut. I even packed these beauties and carried them to California for a wedding...and then didn't use them b/c I have never been able to master the technique of curlers. When I pulled out the curlers, I saw something in the back of the closet... CRIMPING IRON from high school!! I have not used it, but you better believe I'm gonna give it a go...I do have a full day off tomorrow! Lookin' hot in my curlers. Which did pretty much nothing, because in all honesty, my hair isn't that long! I also have issues with having hair on my forehead... so this didn't last long. Maybe I'll be able to post a pic of a ponytail some day?


  1. LOL! Cute post! What is it with us girls and our hair!!!

  2. Haha!!! Your iron!!! Bwahahaha!!! I want to see pictures of that!
    The curls could be really cute if you have a couple on the temples curling forward.