Friday, April 29, 2011

New cord, old news

Well, I got my new computer cord and I'm back to using my own computer.
So, as I sit an watch the 'repeat' of the Royal Wedding, I'll go back in time to last Sunday, when we re-instated 'wine and cheese Sundays'.
To go along with our selection of cheeses, I decided to make an onion tart. I even made the pie crust from scratch, even though the recipe actually suggested using refrigerated dough.
It turned out all golden and delicious. It is amazing how delicious some onions and cheese can be.
And, the cheese... Clockwise, from the upper left corner: St.Andre triple creme (still my latest fav); Trader Joe's 'spotlight cheese' from April, Red Dragon cheddar with grainy mustard and ale (yum); some Jarlsberg (mild, nutty, great with the apples); Fontina, which i just threw in there because I had some left over from a homemade mac&cheese I had made earlier in the week; Cave Aged Gouda, a new cheese at T.J.'s (smooth and creamy with a fairly strong rind); and the little squares are New Zealand Cheddar, because Hubby loves cheddar, and I thought we'd try a new one (a fairly mild cheddar).

I like a little meat and apples with my cheese plates. That one is an artisinal salami made with pinot grigio.

And since then, I'm just working. I'm trying to keep up with my house cleaning/organizing, which is going okay, but my major projects (the basement and studio) are a bit overwhelming. I took the afternoon to get out and hang with friends...and practice our French.

Nothing terribly exciting.


  1. comment ca va?
    Oui, ca va.
    J's pas Americaine.
    Je suis Canadianne.

  2. yummy. i love a smoked gouda but its so important to have it be fresh. :) have you tried the TJ's pate yet? I haven't tried it yet.

  3. @Erika...i have NOT tried any of the pate yet. maybe i will add that to the next 'cheese day'.
    @atomic... Ca va, aussi. Je suis Americianne (sp), mais j'adore Canada.

  4. I really shouldn't read your "wine and cheese" postings this close to dinner I'm going to need a snack and cheese....and that just may end up as dinner! Oh well! Delicious post!

  5. @Dave...we rarely eat much for dinner after our wine and cheese lunches. a great source of calcium!! :)