Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a good news day!

First off, I got a call back from the vets office where I dropped off my resume last Thursday (or, Friday? I don't actually remember). I was informed that the women I needed to speak with was on vacation til Monday...at which point she called to set up an interview. I made sure to let her know this time (since I had an interview lined up about a year ago, but was unable to follow through because of my current job...long boring story...) that if she had specific days/hours in mind, I would like to know what they were BEFORE going any further. She told me, we set up a meeting at 3 pm today, so after work and lunch I was off to interview at the vets office just down the street from where I currently work. I was more excited than nervous, since I actually know a lot of the people who work there as regular customers at the bagel shop! I heard, 'Hi, Jen' several times while filling out the formal application. It was nice. So after interview and tour, she told me she leaving for vacation Thursday and would call me before then. There were a lot of parallels between this and my Nantucket vet experience. For one, the only bottoms I had to wear that were anywhere near 'interview-worthy' were the same ones I wore when I applied for the Nantucket job. Secondly, I found out recently that one of the vets from Nantucket has been working at this other place since February! And thirdly, just as with the Nantucket job, just hours after the interview I received the call officially inviting me to join their team! I am taking two weeks to inform my boss that my schedule will need to change (which puts us just after Labor Day), but I will be training starting the first Tuesday of September ...which will make for a nice long day starting with a 5:30am -1pm shift at the bagel shop going straight into a 2-6 shift at the vets office! The really cool thing is that it is only part-time with just two days, but they are 11 hour shifts (with an hour for lunch) so I can still get enough time in at the bagel shop that I probably won't get fired!
In other news, between work and my interview today, I checked the ol' emails, per usual, to find someone had put my latest journal in her treasury! This is only the second I've been in, and I am so touched when others find my things lovely enough to share with the rest of the world. Especially excited about the fact that I just listed it LAST NIGHT!!
Here's the etsy treasury link: look at it and love it!
And while you're there, you should totally check out IsMoreNa's etsy site...totally adorable jewelry!
(Sorry, posting quickly, then off to the store for spinach...no pictures of specifics)

Monday, August 24, 2009

just a quick check-in

I have been a very bad blogger these past few weeks. I have been applying for new jobs, interview, declining positions I thought were offering less than appropriate wages, and applying for more jobs. I've come to the conclusion that I will be a '2 part-time jobs' kind of girl for awhile, most likely. But I'm okay with it for now.
In the meantime, I HAVE been working with my papers. I have been thinking of new fun things to do with my paper, new designs for my books, and of course my mind is leaning towards Christmas and all of it's possibilities.
So that's the update. Not much to it, I'm just trying to get stuff done and have some fun with it.
I made this little set of paper bowls, which I have been staring at wondering how to finished them off. Shellac? A nice layer of Modpodge and some painting? I just don't know...but I think I want to perfect them and put them in my shop eventually.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I think I've lost it, officially

I can't remember the last day I felt...well, like everything was just fine. My job is getting the best of me, and taking so much out of me, that I have not felt myself in weeks. The frustration I feel about my job/boss, coupled with this on-going issue with Moxie (it turns out, after finally having x-rays taken to see what's wrong, that she has the tiniest little fracture in her elbow!) has got me all wound up and disjointed. I go down to the studio to work, but just can't think clearly enough to do anything. Our land line phone has been all mucked up for about 3 weeks, making job hunting a bit more difficult as far as potential employers calling. We've had our phone co. out twice in the past two weeks, and since the wiring comes in at the back corner of my studio, I have had to move everything around and it's impossible to work in there. Today, I was set to go play and have fun and blow off a little steam, but (and this is a good but, hopefully) I have an interview this afternoon and didn't want to stress myself out by worrying about traffic and getting home in time later...so I'm staying home. I'm going to take the time to clean up my studio and TRY to get some creative juices flowing. I wish I could actually buy 'creative juice' at the grocer, in times like these! I really need a boost.
In the meantime, my garden is bringing me some joy. I have been picking, blanching, and freezing all my beans...every other day, it seems! I've finished off all my squash, but there are a few new ones growing so round two is coming up. We are enjoying marinated cucumbers every now and then, but the cukes seem to be growing more round, than long. I wish the extra rain and lack of sun hadn't pushed the ripening of our tomatoes so far back...the jalapenos are ready to be put in some salsa, but the tomatoes are just starting to turn!
(Hubby claims one 'fell off' while he was trying to get a better look.)
Some days it just seems like everything is up in the air, and there are no signs of any of it coming down any time soon. Hopefully, this interview will be a step in the right direction... time to get my life back in motion.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here's an annoying story...
Wednesday (my day off) I woke up to a puppy who was having so much trouble with her legs that when I picked her up to put her outside, she fell on her face when I set her down. I gave her a pill, and waited. It took most of the day, but eventually she was back to 'normal'...and the two of us waited all day for our phone company to show up. Around noon, hubby called from his teaching gig that he got out of the blue (just for the day...adult ed class) to see if they had come. I said, 'no'. He said, 'I'm calling to bitch them out.' A few minutes later: 'they cancelled our appointment because we never returned a call to confirm it.' Now, why would THEY cancel it? What stupid policy has THEM cancelling b/c we didn't confirm an appointment we had begged for 3 days earlier?? Why would we cancel?? And how did they expect us to confirm when the whole reason they were coming out is b/c we were unable to get incoming calls?? How would we know they had called in the first place!? (We're switching phone companies, btw) So, after waiting all day and NOT taking more precious to the vet because of it...they rescheduled for later that day (between 2 and 4). Then, between 2:30and 3:30, the guy tries a half dozen things and then settles on the house's internal wiring...he just plugged the phone into the modem and said we need to have the house re-wired. That's just great.
On the upside...I'll get back to you on that one.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm sure as I start this blog my stupid phone company will finally show up to fix my phone lines AGAIN (this will be the second time they've been out in about a week...and all-in-all I believe our land line has been out of service for about 3 weeks!). 'Between 8 and 11 am.' It is now 10:11 am and I am waiting. In the meantime, Moxie is almost unable to walk at all. This morning she was very sore and could barely walk; she got her pill and seems to be, slowly, regaining some movement. Right now she is just outside relaxing (thank goodness there is finally a breeze and it's not 80+ degrees for the poor girl).
And so I wait. Wondering if I should take her to the vet as soon as the phone is fixed (assuming it actually gets fixed...my hopes are not high on that one), or if the pill will have kicked in and I'd be better off waiting until the Dr. can actually see how poorly she moves when the meds wear off (and so have a better idea of where the pain may be originating)? Nothing is getting done, of course, since I can't concentrate on anything today. ho-hum.

I sold a few things at the yard sale Sunday. Mostly some dvds and clothes. It made me want to do some etsy spring cleaning, too, so I have marked my shirts down (again), now to $8. I would like to sell them, rather than just deactivate them, so that I can get down to business with more paper stuff. We'll see how it goes.

I have lost about 2 pounds on my diet. It has definitely inspired me to try harder to lose the weight I want (need) to lose.

Lastly...here are some pictures:
Some stuff from the garden. The cukes ended up as 'marinated cucumbers' (courtesy my Better homes and gardens cookbook); the squash got all baked up with a little Parmesan cheese for dinner side; and, the green beans got blanched and frozen (added to the batch I had done just two days earlier!). Yummy!
Well, I guess just the one picture as I had a shot of this creepy spider in my garden, but the picture won't load right and phone co. is here (and it's only 10:30!)...