Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm sure as I start this blog my stupid phone company will finally show up to fix my phone lines AGAIN (this will be the second time they've been out in about a week...and all-in-all I believe our land line has been out of service for about 3 weeks!). 'Between 8 and 11 am.' It is now 10:11 am and I am waiting. In the meantime, Moxie is almost unable to walk at all. This morning she was very sore and could barely walk; she got her pill and seems to be, slowly, regaining some movement. Right now she is just outside relaxing (thank goodness there is finally a breeze and it's not 80+ degrees for the poor girl).
And so I wait. Wondering if I should take her to the vet as soon as the phone is fixed (assuming it actually gets hopes are not high on that one), or if the pill will have kicked in and I'd be better off waiting until the Dr. can actually see how poorly she moves when the meds wear off (and so have a better idea of where the pain may be originating)? Nothing is getting done, of course, since I can't concentrate on anything today. ho-hum.

I sold a few things at the yard sale Sunday. Mostly some dvds and clothes. It made me want to do some etsy spring cleaning, too, so I have marked my shirts down (again), now to $8. I would like to sell them, rather than just deactivate them, so that I can get down to business with more paper stuff. We'll see how it goes.

I have lost about 2 pounds on my diet. It has definitely inspired me to try harder to lose the weight I want (need) to lose. are some pictures:
Some stuff from the garden. The cukes ended up as 'marinated cucumbers' (courtesy my Better homes and gardens cookbook); the squash got all baked up with a little Parmesan cheese for dinner side; and, the green beans got blanched and frozen (added to the batch I had done just two days earlier!). Yummy!
Well, I guess just the one picture as I had a shot of this creepy spider in my garden, but the picture won't load right and phone co. is here (and it's only 10:30!)...

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