Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I think I've lost it, officially

I can't remember the last day I felt...well, like everything was just fine. My job is getting the best of me, and taking so much out of me, that I have not felt myself in weeks. The frustration I feel about my job/boss, coupled with this on-going issue with Moxie (it turns out, after finally having x-rays taken to see what's wrong, that she has the tiniest little fracture in her elbow!) has got me all wound up and disjointed. I go down to the studio to work, but just can't think clearly enough to do anything. Our land line phone has been all mucked up for about 3 weeks, making job hunting a bit more difficult as far as potential employers calling. We've had our phone co. out twice in the past two weeks, and since the wiring comes in at the back corner of my studio, I have had to move everything around and it's impossible to work in there. Today, I was set to go play and have fun and blow off a little steam, but (and this is a good but, hopefully) I have an interview this afternoon and didn't want to stress myself out by worrying about traffic and getting home in time I'm staying home. I'm going to take the time to clean up my studio and TRY to get some creative juices flowing. I wish I could actually buy 'creative juice' at the grocer, in times like these! I really need a boost.
In the meantime, my garden is bringing me some joy. I have been picking, blanching, and freezing all my beans...every other day, it seems! I've finished off all my squash, but there are a few new ones growing so round two is coming up. We are enjoying marinated cucumbers every now and then, but the cukes seem to be growing more round, than long. I wish the extra rain and lack of sun hadn't pushed the ripening of our tomatoes so far back...the jalapenos are ready to be put in some salsa, but the tomatoes are just starting to turn!
(Hubby claims one 'fell off' while he was trying to get a better look.)
Some days it just seems like everything is up in the air, and there are no signs of any of it coming down any time soon. Hopefully, this interview will be a step in the right direction... time to get my life back in motion.


  1. Try your favorite music and some "Bolthouse" juices. They're not creative juices, but they are pretty healthy, very delicious and quite calming. Maybe you should go back to yoga and try some meditation, too. Tomato is loverly!

  2. Sounds like you need something stronger than "bolthouse" (does she work for them? tee hee)like maybe scotch!
    Hope all is well with your puppy. Curious what interview you meant and etc.
    Good garden, though, so one step forward, I'd say!