Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whatever Wednesday, I guess

It's been a good day, overall. I ran my banking and shopping errands early enough to still have the interest to do other things today. Of course, none of it meant getting into the studio. I was hoping to list something on etsy today, since it has been forever since I've listed anything new, but I just never got to it. After working out, and then talking our evening walk to the beach, then dinner...I'm just not interested in filling my days off so full that I am exhausted at the end of it and it just seems like another day of work. So I felt good about it.
I have been eating a lot of veggies from my garden.
Here's my squash:

With my last batch of paper I wanted to try something new, and have been wanting to do some paper animals or sculpture of some sort. So I took little wooden fish ornament I have had for years and covered half with my paper. Basically using the same idea that I used when covering the coconut shell for my origami ornaments.
These are the ornaments...
This is my first fish!
And I have been working on some envelopes for these enclosure cards I'm playing with, too.
Now I just have to put it all together, take some pictures, and sell some stuff!!!


  1. Your crooknecks are beautiful! Don't let them go for too long after you've picked em, though; they tend to get splotchy very fast!
    Cute fishy!
    I love those cards, too. My what an artsy lady you've bloomed out to be. *^_^*

  2. Love those cards! Hope they sell like cakes!