Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Goodness...

Moxie doesn't have Lyme Disease. She was all perky and her usual crazy self at the vet last week. She took her anti-inflammatory drugs for a few days and was fine. Yesterday, she started a little limp again. This morning it was worse. I gave her another pill, yet she still can barely put pressure on her front legs! What gives?! I guess we will have to try to take her in for an emergency appointment and hope the vet can figure it out?
Hubby has been working 3 jobs plus his freelance gigs...last week he didn't have any hours at his evening job, then got a call that there wasn't any work again this week. Yesterday, he got sent home early from his morning job, and then got a call later in the day that there wasn't any work for the next day. So it's possible, he just lost two of his jobs this week! We're holding our breath on the edges of our seats! The third job is just one day a week and it's a job he took more as a way of learning the ropes of web design (coding...not actual design), so he took it at a very low pay rate in exchange for the experience and insight.
So today, I am off...and he is off...and nothing will get done.
I have been very bad about creating these past few weeks, being unusually depressed about my own work situation (hate my job...get paid too much to other jobs available anyway...). Normally, I go to work, grin and bear it, complain a little to hubby, then go about my day...lately, I just hate getting out of bed for work. No is what it is, I suppose.
I did get some beautiful paper made last week, and have another batch drying. During my downtime at work the other day, I wrote up a list of ways I want to experiment with my handmade paper. Maybe today I will give myself a little 'play' day and see what happens?
For now, I need to get out of my jammies (yes, I'm still in p.j.'s at 9am...I did say 'nothing will get done'!), make myself pretty and see what the world has in store for me today. I hope it's coffee and a muffin!


  1. Everybody's goin' to the fair! *~_^* is Moxie, then?