Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Decisions, decisions

I'd like to first show off the latest shots of my veggie beds. There has been SO MUCH rain here, this year, that I have only truly had to water my beds twice since stuff has started to grow. Luckily, it's so jam-packed that the giant squash, bean, and cucumber leaves are keeping the ground underneath nice and cool and damp. (FYI: when I have watered, we have used water from our accidental rain barrel...which is actually our broken hot tub cover that collects rain we are really saving on water this year. It makes gardening even less of a hassle, which = easier for lazy gardeners, like me!)
I think Moxie and I have eaten all the peas we'll get...not sure. I know we have exhausted our radish supply, though. Hubby has gotten nothing but a couple snap peas, but Moxie and I have been using the garden as a little snack shack when we are out on the days when it doesn't rain.
I have also had the opportunity to cut back all of hubby's lavender before it gets all those flies on it. I'm not sure how to explain, or even what it is, but the lavender usually gets infested with these flies that seem to attach themselves to the flowers and stems and then stick there. It's strange and gross, and I cut it all back to dry and use in my papers before it was too late. It really is pretty and so fragrant!

As I believe I reported in my last post, Moxie is still not back to herself. We still don't know what's wrong, but we're trying to keep her from jumping on and off things, which is pretty near impossible. She's taking joint supplements and still on her anti-inflammatory meds, but I really hope this two-week supply is the last we'll need. (Hanzo, of course, is just the same...friskiest 10 year old cat ever!)
Oh, I almost forgot...(more garden news)'s our little pumpkin!
And we have at least two other babies starting!
And hubby had to have some Roma tomatoes...I'm not a fan, but it seems silly to have a garden without tomatoes...


  1. That's a lovely little garden! Those flies sound really gross though.

    I completely understand the feeling about work. :(

  2. Wowza! Looks like your fence is fighting to keep the garden in! Good job...goes double for the clever use of the broken hot tub! Poor Moxie. I'm sending along healing thoughts. I know just what you mean. When I sit down, totally ready to create on paper, my mind wanders and the page stays blank. We'll get there someday. *~_^*