Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday night poker

Well, I will be staying home, as usual. And I am pretty excited about it. I made a huge bucket of paper pulp Sunday afternoon, just to NOT have time to get back to it until tonight. I'd be working at it now, but we have a vet appointment and I hate getting wrapped up in stuff before appointments (plus, I'm a bit nervous/anxious about the appointment, since it's not a routine check-up, instead we are worried Moxie has Lyme Disease).
At any rate, hubby will be out all night and I will be trying to get some work done. My newest plan is to beef up my handmade paper stock so that I can make 'other things' more easily, and at a shorter moments notice. It's not really practical making paper as I need it, as it is pretty labor intensive...lots of steps.
So that is my hope for the evening. I hope to have more exciting/interesting news later in the week, but for now, I guess I should go change out of my stinky bagel shop clothes...yucky.

Moxie does NOT have lyme disease, or any of the others they do with the 'combo' test. She wasn't limping or being weird at the vet, so it was hard to diagnose. So we got a few days worth of anti-inflammatory pills in case it she just has some joint pain. If only dogs could just tell us what's wrong!


  1. oooh news later in the week, curious.

  2. Good luck with Moxie and have fun with your artsy art!

  3. Maybe she's just a fatty with joint problems? Not being mean or saying that you're not doing everything you can to keep her in optimal health; I'm just saying.

  4. Monty has lyme and he has had his month of antiobiotics so now we have to wait six months to see if it was 'cured' sad little bugger. Does the vet think she is overweight? It is hard for me to tell, as I always have skinny breeds, so I am not sure what a 'normal weight' pug is suppose to look like. Perhpas the breed, being a stocky big dog frame with a large head on small legs, is prone to joint pain?

  5. No, she's a perfectly normal weight for a pug. The vet thinks maybe she just moved the wrong way while jumping up or off of something, and the meds are just for a couple days just in case there's some inflamation. She'll be fine, we're just relieved it's not lyme. Pugs are prone to joint issues as they age, though, so that was my first thought, too.