Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Full day...good day

What a great day! I love it when I actually get stuff done on my day off. After last week's emotional roller coaster (which I really can't explain, it was just an off week, I guess?), I had a great day. Hubby had to work this morning, so that helped get me out and running errands bright and early, just the way I like it. I had run the trash and recyclables to the dump, picked up the stuff I need at the wholesale club for work (yuck...not a fan of work related chores on days off, but...), I even stopped off at the pet store -since I was in the area- for cat stuff and a special treat for Moxie (since she was so good at the vet yesterday), and I still managed to be back home by 10am!

So, I threw in a much needed '4 mile walk' (it's actually a workout video, but by the end you have basically done a 4 mile walk).
After that, I jumped right over to the studio and cranked out a dozen sheets of paper; 4 each of 3 colors: pink, green, lavender. I plan to finish them up (the drying step) tomorrow after work. I can't wait to see the true 'dry' colors!
So much fun!
Hubby and I went back into town after his workday some lunch, so that we could do our own shopping to finally get some food in our new fridge!
Once home, I grabbed the little scissors and snipped some chives, parsley, and basil from the garden to mix up with some garlic and Parmesan cheese. Why? Well, to put on the lovely cheese boule ( I think that's what it's called?) we picked up at our fav little bakery, of course. You can't have Alfredo without garlic bread, can you?
So now I better get to the task of watching the water boil!!


  1. Sounds a like a great day! I love it when I'm able to get a lot done and feel really accomplished on a day off. :)

  2. Yea! Healthy, happy pets; accomplishing work responsibilities; exercise; art; spending time with loved ones and making fresh, healthy meals! What a full, but good day, indeed! *^_^*