Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4

Oh what an exciting holiday we're having here. After a quick trip to the cafe for our coffee and scones, we headed to the beach for a quick visit before having to get home for the fridge delivery. While at our watering hole, our friends handed me a beautiful loaf of brioche 'for french toast'. Well, I'm not gonna turn down a free loaf of bread! It was delicious!And this little beauty is what we've been waiting for! After a couple days of hoping the old fridge would kick back into cooling mode, we gave in and bought a new, smaller, cuter fridge. I love her so. I wasn't expecting to get it delivered on the July 4 holiday, but what else was I gonna do all day??

But just to be sure we were still festive while out and about, I wore my very own hand screen-printed tee. No one on etsy wanted it, so I decided to keep it for myself. It's super soft and comfy, so I'm not sorry I did!
(I almost forgot to include the pic!) time. Time to make some paper.


  1. Happy Fourth! That french toast looked so good, I think I am going to go cook a little for myself.

  2. Cute! You should run for prez! *~_^*