Sunday, July 19, 2009

Really?...Sunday again, already!?

Friday night's County Fair Fun was...well, fun. Unfortunately, our little Moxie has not been herself, still, since our last vet visit, and I got a call from hubby on my way to play that we needed to go back to the vet Saturday. She has been taking Deramaxx in hopes that she was just experiencing some joint inflammation from a sprain or other such injury. But she takes a pill, then about 36 hours later, she's limping again. Yesterday's visit to the Dr. proved to be another day of guessing what might be wrong. She says that she has seen false negative results with Lyme tests, but usually the joint pain alternates between legs and Moxie is only limping on her front legs. And since she is so good at the vet's all the time, she never makes any sort of indication of whether or not it hurts more in a specific spot!! So we don't really know WHERE it hurts. This time we got more meds, but also a supplement that will hopefully prolong the effects of the drug and 'eventually get her off the Deramaxx'. She was, of course, limping this morning, so I gave her just the supplement hoping that would be enough. But she looks so miserable, I gave her a pill too, eventually. Now she is just passed out on the sofa, and has been like that for a couple hours. It's breaking my heart not knowing what is wrong with her, but we are hoping it is just a sprain that is taking longer to heal as she jumps on and off things so much that she is exacerbating the injury. Once again...fingers crossed.

Back to the I suspected, I didn't ride many rides. Sister got sick on the first ride, so we rode the carousel for fun...and that also made her dizzy. She and I had a fab Polish plate to share, and I had an ice cream. Oh, and she gave me her last deep-fried Oreo. But I didn't eat much. There weren't a ton of animals, there were fewer rides, and it wasn't very crowded for opening night...and a FRIDAY, at that! But it was fun. I'll probably skip it next year, though. I'm a one else is. I got home around 11pm, got in bed and realized that, minus driving time, I had been on my feet since 4:30 that morning!

Once again, I'm hoping to get into the studio today. I really miss creating, but other 'life issues' are really draining me these days. I thought I was better at coping, but things are really piling up.

Anyone else have county fairs they frequent in the summer??

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