Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i want to ride my bicycle

It was POURING rain today (still is, actually), yet I kept my appointment to go look at a bike for sale. I have a bike... awesome Gary Fisher mountain bike that my in-laws bought me when I graduated from community college (they're such awesome caring, so giving.) oh, it's in the shed, upside down...i held the camera upside down to take the pic, that's why it looks weird. My bike is cared for...shiny spokes and gears (all 21 of them). This is my 'new bike'... ... ...rusty and crusty! Cute basket, eh!? I'll be changing that! This is my summer beach bike. Last year, I had to borrow a bike from my crazy tall relative (I can't remember if it was donna's, nate's, or renee's, but they are all a good foot taller than me!) So, anyway, my main concern with this bike is that it was going to be too's the perfect size! SMALL! Unfortunately, it has 'two new tires' but the front one is not holding air. Hoping a new innertube will fix it. For $20 (she wanted $25) i figured I'd take a chance. I was gonna leave it at Donna's, but i think i may enjoy riding it around here, as well. And leaving THIS bike hooked to my car, while at work, will probably not be as tempting to the hoodlums that tend to hang out in the town were I work. (yes, i have trust issues! and i stress over EVERYTHING.)


  1. Ooh! Everyone with their vintage bikes! Guess I'll have to find one, now, too! :P

  2. Nope. Mine came from Steven's dad. He found it at a swap shop, fixed it up, but never used it. Asked me if I had a bike and did I want one. I think it's from the early nineties. So, retro, but not vintage.

  3. Great bikes! Mine gets taken down from its rack so little anymore...need to do so more this summer for sure! I did get out on my motorcycle last week...does that count?