Friday, April 22, 2011

steel wool to the rescue!

I have had a pretty busy day off, today. I made myself a list (and have started another in my head, for my day off next week!) and I'm, surprisingly, steadily crossing items off. And i do mean crossing off as in 'done' not 'wait til next week'.
My major project today was to address the rust on my 'new' bike. Here's how it went...just me, some rubber gloves, steel wool, and good old fashioned elbow grease...
tire rims, before...
...and after!
before after
The pedal 'arms' (or whatever they're called?) were pretty bad.
Before after Not much difference, but some. I'm looking into another way to clean that up. Anybody have any suggestions?
I don't know what this part is called either, but it's where the chain goes.
Before after

The handlebars were bad, too, but i managed to get them more cleaned up than i expected!

And the finished product!

I think it looks a THOUSAND times better, and that's just from removing some rust! Next, I'm trying to figure out how to fix the rust on the body without damaging the paint too much more than it is. Then, some new paint, new basket, and maybe a bell and some handlebar tassels?

Coming up this Sunday...a long overdue 'cheese tasting day with Hubby'!! I'll be trying some new stuff, but I've also been longing for my new favs from last time!


  1. ooo fun a tasting day.. i want to see lots of pictures and hear all about it :)

  2. For rust: soak items in coca-cola syrup. That takes the rust right off! Otherwise, I'd say you've done a fine job! Nice and shiny!

  3. Now we can start our gang, The "Vintage Ladies and a Dood". We can get jackets made and rule the streets of Sandwich and the boardwalk.